Harold (Cynn & Quill)
Full Name Harold
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Unnamed group of ditto hunters
Family and Relations
First Appearance "Harold"
Latest Appearance "Identity Crisis" pt 2
Series The Continuing Adventures of Cynn & Quill

Harold is a character in The Continuing Adventures of Cynn & Quill. He is portrayed as bigoted, manipulative, and misogynistic, though well-meaning. He is devoted to his cause- rooting out and destroying the ditto infiltration of humanity. This leads him to inadvertently murder innocents whom he believes to be dittos. Harold is implied to have been, on some level, aware of his crimes, but feels that it is too late to turn back.

Character biography

Harold made his first appearance interrogating and then murdering an abra that he believes to be a ditto in disguise. He is shown to have a group of people who believe in his cause working for him.
Later, it is revealed that he has manipulated the daughter of a Team Volt executive into falling in love with him, and that he is using her to lure dittos out of hiding. Thinking she herself is a ditto, Harold sends her to what he believes to be her death.
Harold finds out the truth about his victims (none of them were actually dittos) when he attempts to kill Nathaniel, a real ditto. He attempts to make a deal with the ditto, but to no avail- Harold is immolated by Nathaniel.


Harold is misogynistic and manipulative. His intentions are good, but he repeatedly murders people and pokemon alike, believing them to be dittos trying to infiltrate society. His method of killing them is by burning them alive, which is ironically his own fate at the hands of a real ditto.