Harold, Charles, and Elisabeth
Harold charles and elisabeth
Harold, Charles, and Elisabeth, the trio
Full Name Harold, Charles, and Elisabeth, the trio
Current Age 11 (Harold and Elisabeth)

12 (Charles)

Date of Birth May 4th 1999 (Charles)

July 6th 2000 (Harold) December 5th 2000 (Elisabeth)

Zodiac Sign Taurus (Charles)

Cancer (Harold) Sagittarius (Elisabeth)

Gender male (Charles and Harold)

female (Elisabeth)

Species Human Spirits
Location Boo Woods
Current Status Dead
Class Neutral/Friends
Family and Relations
each other, unnamed foster father
Ability/ies Fire Breath (Harold)

Graffiti Acid (Charles) Ice Breath (Elisabeth)

First Appearance Luigi's Mansion: Queen Boo
Latest Appearance Mario Kart: Block Party
 Harold, Charles, and Elisabeth (or Harry, Chuck, and Betty) are a trio of mischievous ghost children in there debut in Luigi's Mansion: Queen Boo the tried to turn the Secret Mine into an playhouse, but Luigi defeats theme and then they watch him defeat Queen Boo. they along with Nicholas appear in other Mario games after there debut unlike the other portrait ghosts.

Luigi's Mansion: Queen BooEdit

Shortly after Luigi defeated Netellia the note on her table said "The last room in this mansion lurks among the attic, but be careful because the ghostly trio of Harold, Charles, and Elisabeth might destroy the Secret Mine and turn it into a playhousetic" and when Luigi and Polterpup leaves the mirror room they can hear there
Harold charles and elisabeth asleep

Harold, Charles, and Elisabeth sleeping before being awoken by Polterpup

snoring all the way to the attic entry and when Luigi and Polterpup goes into the Attic and sees the trio they were fast asleep but then they got awoken by Polterpup licking theme and they believe Luigi did, so they got entered theme into there battle arena (witch is actually a play arena) and after defeating theme they escape and describs Luigi what happen and goes into the vault so they can finish there nap. they later go to Queen Boo's battle arena and watches Luigi battle Queen Boo. they later appear in the end credits were they steals Nicholas's food causing him to go into a rampage.

Super Mario Galaxy: The Sprixie PrincessesEdit


  • There deaths arn't confirmed like the other Portrait Ghosts but Nicholas tells Luigi that they died after they took there foster father's car out for a joyride.
    • there also the only ghosts to not return to there Portrait (along with Nicholas)