Harley B. Koopa: Quest is a Platformer/Action game for the Nintendo Wii being made by Wand Co.. It stars Harley B. Koopa as he attempts to rescue Ludwig von Koopa from the Alpha Yoshi and his tribe.


Harley and Ludwig were gvien a job by Bowser to head over to Dinosaur Land and grab an ancient gem known as the Eternal Crystal and bring it back to him. Quickly, the two siblings constructed a Windship to fly them over to Dinosaur Land. When they landed, they first searched inside a deep, dark hole and were trying to find the gem when a rather large spear came flying out of nowhere and struck Ludwig in the foot. He crippled from the impact and Harley ran over to him. He looked up and saw 3 Cyan Yoshi's with feathers in their heads, each holding a spear pointed at Harley. Harley lifted his wand and blasted them with a large energy beam. They all blasted out of the cave and retreated. Satisfied, Harley turned back to Ludwig. But Ludwig was nowhere to be seen. Harley was sure that the Alpha Yoshi had captured his brother. And with that, Haarley set off to rescue his brother.

Gameplay & Controls

The controls work much like New Super Mario Bros. Wii. You walk through sidescrolling levels and defeat enemies as you try to reach the goal. Unlike in NSMBWii, Harley does not collect power-ups. However, inside the blocks are different colored shapes. When you collect these, they add to your Magic Meter. When it is full, you gain a new spell. Harley also has health points and his maximum health is equal to his maximum spells he can learn (in this case, nine). If Harley takes damage, he will randomly lose one spell.

  • Control Stick: Move.
  • A Button: Jump.
  • B Button: Shoot fire.
  • Z Button: Crouch.
  • C Button: Enter/Exit Camera mode.
  • Wii Remote; Use different motions for different spells.

Spells, How to Use them, and what is needed for them

  • Thunderball - 3 Yellow Circles - Whip motion with the Wii Remote.
  • Soldier Summon - 2 blue triangles and one red square - Lift Wii Remote in the air and hold it for 3 seconds.
  • Plasma Snap - 5 green rectangles - Swing Wii Remote back and forth.
  • Ice Blast - 4 Cyan Pentagons - Thrust with WIi Remote.
  • Rainbow Ride - 1 green, red, yellow and blue circle each - Swing Wii Remote Up.
  • Boulder Blast - 2 Black curves - Hold Wii Remote flat for 3 seconds, then snap up.
  • Sand Storm - 6 brown circles - Swing the Wii Remote in all directions.
  • Blaze - 9 red lines - Pump Wii Remote in the air.
  • Hell Spell - 1 of everything - Shake Wii Remote.

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