Harley, Roy and Ludwig U is a Wii U game from Koopompany.


Harley, Roy and Ludwig were in their flying fortress lifting weights until Wendy burst into the room and pushed them out, making them fall to World 1. So the Koopa Trio must go through 8 worlds to get their fortress back.


  • Harley is the second fastest of the group and has terrible ground-pounds
  • Roy is the fastest of the group and has the best ground pound
  • Ludwig is the slowest but his flutter jump and ground pounds are good
  • Wendy is the main antagonist of this game
  • Lemmy and Bowser Jr. are the shopkeepers in every world Lemmy 1, 3, 5 , and 7 and Bowser Jr. 2, 4, 6 , 8


  • World 1: Acorn Grasslands: The trio's first world. the mid boss is Big Galoomba and the boss is King Chargin' Chuck.
  • World 2: Dozing Sands: World 2 is sleepy land. the boss is King Pokey and the boss is Dark Harley.

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