Micool: So, what shall we do about the Hector thing?

Argus: Shut Up, like we did before telling you Yesterday, we couldn't sleep last night,

Micool: Of course because our 'friend' left.

Argus: I prefer the term aquantance. So what was the Steel Door Room like?

Micool: Clattered to say the least.

Argus: Hang on a minute, Are you sure the Producers didn't kidnap Hector? Because, they weren't in the box?


Samuel: (Knocks on the 3 Doors), Uhh... And with no answer. We have a announcement to make in the banqueting hall.

Argus: Oh crap, did you hear that?

Micool: Yes, but reserve your language.

Argus Fu k Sh t

Micool: SHUT UP!

Samuel: (Walks down stairs) Everything alright in there?

Micool: Yes.

Argus: Super Duper!

Some 14 Minutes later.

Samuel: Are we all here? Good, Bonehead begin the Sombre news.

Bonehead: Ok, don't panic-

Besh: PANIC!

Smile: Shush.

Samuel: Resume.

Bonehead: Ok, don't panic, last night Hector must of either left, or gone missing.

Besh: Or Died.

3.14: Don't say that!

Micool: R-R-Reserve your language.

Samuel: So this is a challenge.

Smile: But, it still is a very serious matter!

Samuel: Go find Hector, look around the house.

(The Group go and look for Hector).

Argus: Told you!

Micool: Indeed, but we are not 100% sure yet, they seemed very serious, or maybe they are just very good actors, Let's go!

Smile: Did it work.

Samuel: It seems.

Bonehead: Let's report back To The Producers.

What are the staff planning?

Will they find Hector?

Will Fandemonium 2 Resume in time for Eps. 10?

You probably won't Find out in Hark and Flame/Eps. 10!

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