2am, In the banqueting hall. Room 2's Guests except Gardenia, who is still asleep, are debating.

Hector: I wanna' leave, bad Micool, I overheard something last night, I put my ear to the wall during the evictions.

Argus: WHAT? Oh wait I thought that was just some code or something. Well I wasn't getting it.

Micool: Nope, were all behind you, we all want to leave. Lucky Timer. WAIT, How did Argus know?

Hector: I told him, They stole my life savings. THEY STOLE-. It's stealing, it's a crime.

Argus: Now lets commit a crime while telling you their 'crimes'.

Hector: I'm out of this fucki g place.

Micool: Reserve your language. We need to get some sleep now.

Argus: Hark & Flame have left the mansion, and have left it to somebody, who plan devious things.

Hector: So I'm out of here. (Walks to door) Oh crap, it's locked.

Micool: (With the look of Speechless) Wow, reserve your language.

Argus: You don't annoy Gardenia with that do you?

Micool: No.

Argus: Good.

Hector: How are we gonna' open it?

Micool: My SWORD, they took it when I arrived.

Argus: Let's roll?

Micool: So we are going to go inside The Box?

Argus: Hell Yeah!

Micool: It is strictly out of bounds and reserve your language!

Hector: Micool, Shall I stay here on guard?

Micool: Yes, with Argus.

Argus: C'mon I like being a Ninja. (Does a barrel roll down the corridor).

Hector: Do us a barrel roll! See you in a bit!

Micool manages to prize open the door, which was suprisingly unlocked, easily.

Micool: The hinges must be a bit rusty!

(A Camera Turns)

Argus: DUCK!

Micool: Quack.

After 5 minutes of waiting, the camera moved back to it's original position.

Go, he crawled through the small hole in the door, a small lamp was on. A room, with a Control Panel with loads of buttons. There were two doors, one right one left.

Micool: Argus, there is two doors, right or left?

Argus: Me and Hector our Right-Handed, well we threw our Water Baloons with them from what I remember anyway! So Right.

Micool: Ok, but speak quiter next time. Yeah...

The door was Steel,

(Just then footsteps were heard coming down the steps).

Argus: Hide Quick!

Micool: Get in!

???: Argus?

As she walked down the corridor with the small gap it was noticable that it was Ella.

Argus: Oh it's only you.

Ella: IT'S YOU! Why are you like that?

(Argus peels the door open more and there is Micool).

Argus: Long Story.

Micool: Get in here, we need your help!

Ella: Well get up, then!

(They get up, Ella Opens the door).

Argus: Come in!

Ella: No, it is strictly prohibited.

Micool: I said that... Well just move that Steel door open.


Argus: Cool.

After multiple attemps.

Ella: It won't budge. AHA.

(The door opens). A huge slam is heard, and the door closes with the force.

Argus: Oh Sh t. Oh Sh t.

Micool: Reserve your language.

And again, footsteps could be heard. Micool looked in the door he could see it there. His sword, he crawled and got it.

???: Micool? Micool?

Argus: Oh it's only you?

Ella: Oh it's Gardenia?

Now all of Group 3's Guests are here.

Gardenia: What are you two doing down here? Are you?

Ella: No.

Argus: (Blushes) No.

Gardenia: Where is Micool.

Argus and Ella: In there.

Micool can be heard, but not seen.

Micool: YES, I GOT IT!

Ella: Quiet.

Argus: Gardenia, go back up, we will be with you in a minute.

The door handles turned on the

Ella: Good Job I locked it. Oh sh t. (The Main door to the box which Ella still hasn't entered, slams shut, blowing Ella back.

Group 1's Guests are going down the stairs.

Besh: Gees, Oxus I had a pretty rough night last night.

What happened.

3.14: Calm down, it's not a hangover.

Oxus: Um, Um, You said - you were being mean.


Oxus: (Slides down the stair rails).

Shroomy: Calm down, kid.

3.14: Calm down.

Oshtyo: Calm down.

As they reach the bottom of the stairs Smile is there waiting.

Smile: My memory, it's fuzzled...

What has happened to Hector?

Will The producers know what has happened.

Will anyone actually read this.

Find out in Hark and Flame/Eps. 10

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