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#7 Time to go.
Summary The Black Haired Man is taking over the mansion while Hark & Flame go on a well earned break and someone has to leave at the first vote!
Writer of Episode Stelios7

For previous events see Hark & Flame/Eps.6!

A scroll was on the sofas,

4.13: 'The shows producers like being cruel, so soon we will say goodbye to a fool.'

A second scroll fell.

Oxus: You will all take part in a task, all what will be said about this task is that it will commence in the Sofa Room and you will all nominate somebody to leave.

Mythic: Typical.

Archipeligo: AAH!

Oxus: Why haven't you got used to seeing a Ghost Everyday.

(A sarcastic scream is heard)!

Archipeligo: I can knock you out any day!


Besh: Typical.

Samuel: Now, let's just get back on track shall we?

Ella: Sam? Where did that come from?!

Besh: Your mind. Psycho.

Flame was hiding with a megaphone he told the group what to do words,

Flame: QUIET, BLOODY SHUT UP! Archipeligo, the cloud is the first person to nominate, all of you will get a bucket, Hark will place 3 water balloons in each, you must take one out and throw it at them. Good Luck!

Hark: Wait until I tell them that We're leaving the mansion for a while to The Black Haired Man.

Flame: Yes, Yes, Yes!

Hark: Your megaphones still on.

Flame: Oh Sh- roomy.

Shroomy: Yes?

Flame: Here's a Show Pen. As your prize for being the um... um...


Flame: Yes, Yes, what he said!


(6 Minutes Later)

Bonehead: Please will Ella Metals throw the first water balloon. Followed by Shroomy.

Ella: I voted Besh because you need a new helmet. I can easily make one!

Besh: Really, whatever!

Shroomy: (A light splash on Oxus face) Your a small tough dude like me! You can handle it.

Oxus: *Sniff* Ow-k.

Samuel: Will Besh, Moyan and Tatan Throw Theres.

Besh: Timer, just because he looks weak.

Timer: (gulps)

Samuel: Next...

Moyan: Oshtyo, you haven't spoken to many or even any of us!

Tatan: Archipeligo, the clouds are out tonight. That language

Archipeligo: (Archipeligo smashes his balloon at Tatan.) Take that I voted for you because of that! IT WAS A FRICKIN' JOKE.

Oxus: C'woud Archipeligo I thought you could take it! T'was funny though.

Archipeligo: HAHAHA Funny Joke.


The Black Haired Man: Yes, boys this is Golden TV leave it with me!

Hark: No Problem, let me get the taxi.

Smile: Argus, 4.13 and Timer will vote next.

Argus: I am voting for Timer, you look like you have lost a friend.

Timer: Have I, is that why I am becoming so popular?

Argus: Ummm.

Smile: Let's move swiftly on. 4.13.

4.13: The Same Reason as Argus.

Flame: BLOODY 'ELL Hurry Up. C'mon Banana.

Banana Jr.: Hector he is feeling 'red' apparetly whatever that is supposed to mean!

The Black Haired Man: He has a point Flame and Hark will be back in a second.

Flame: It will be the Longest Bloody Second of my life!

Bonehead: Next will be Hector.

Hector: I'm voting for Timer-

Timer: Oh C**p my Eye.

Hector: Sorry.

Samuel: Looks at camera. This is not planned Folks!

(Sometime After)

Samuel: Timer has gone to get his eye checked on by the show and it is fine. So that means the Wacky Water Vote will resume!

Smile: So last but, not least the Princess.

Gardenia: I HAVE A NAME!

Smile: Gardenia

Gardenia: Ehem

Smile: Hurry Up.

Gardenia: Excuse me? Am I bothering you?

Smile: Princess Gardenia, please fire your vote!

Gardenia: (Loudest Splash; People open there Eyes to see it on the floor all splashed on them). I was gonna' vote for Timer anyway LET'S PARTAY!

Samuel: (Through Walkie Talkie) TBHMan send Timer's and his stuff down to say his Goodbyes!

Timer: Bye guys.

Besh: Bye, slams door shut.

Oxus: Well he won't be missed.

Hark: Here's the keys! Enjoy, be back in A week!

The Black Haired Man: Yeah sure! Bye Lads.

Hark & Flame: Bye

The Black Haired Man: Heheh.

Hark: What?

The Black Haired Man: I didn't say anything!

Hark: Oh Ok bye!

Will Ella make Besh get a New Helmet?

Will Archipeligo control his anger manegment?

Will Fandemonium 2 Episode 2 Be Written At The Same time as the Episode 8?

Find out in Hark & Flame/Eps. 8!

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