#6 The Cloud
Summary Ha ha, Archipeligo is a cloud.
Writer of Episode Stelios7

This episode was written by Stelios7, who created the Ella-Metals (Series) and started the Fantendo Kart (series).

For previous events see, Hark & Flame/Eps.5

Samuel: Mythic is right next to Smile.

Smile: ...I can't uh- see him...

Bonehead: Neither can I!

The Black Haired Man: Great way to get ratings Sam.

Samuel: No he's there look at him.

The Black Haired Man: Really? Lemee' check.

Bonehead: Ok, you do that shall I reveal the task for today? Actually I just will I'm a host.

The Black Haired Man: I just might.


Archipeligo: I'm sick of being called a cloud, Flame.

Flame: Your problem not mine cloud.

Besh: Cloud.

Archipeligo: Grr, if you were a contestant you would be hoping that I wouldn't crush you!

Flame: Wow, who knew clouds could get angry.

Archipeligo: What... Why- PL-,

Hark: Good one Flame.

Archipeligo: By the way I am imagining that you two are lying on the floor worrying about me threatening to crush you!

Flame: Again, calm down cloud. Now we gotta' go you go wait with the other contestants cloud.

Archipeligo: I am a drawing!

The Black Haired Man enters not noticing the 'cloud'.

Hark & Flame: Uhhhhh, Can you do us a favor?

The Black Haired Man: What, do you want you have your own show?

Hark: For...

Flame: Cloud here to go away.

Archipeligo: I'm not cloud!

The Black Haired Man: Archipeligo, your challange is to SHUT UP!

Archipeligo: Ooo-ok-kkk.

The Black Haired Man: Your stuttering like Smile mate if you fail we are taking you to see a doctor, with Smile. Good luck cloud, no it's Archipeligo.

Archipeligo: Thank you AND Thank You.

Will is the producers buy more cornflakes?

Will Cloud still be called Cloud?

Will Cloud Shut Up?

All to be found out in Hark & Flame/Eps. 7.

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