A secret producer meeting has been called in a room with one small lamp.

Producer A: Were bankrupt, we need money fast or were doomed.

Producer B: Well we can't just cancel the show.

Samuel: DAMMIT, why buy that many cornflakes?

Producer C: Today's task.

Producer A: THAT'S WHY WE AVERAGE 1 million per episode.

A dark figure stepped out into the light.

Woman: Well, that's where I can help. S

crap some of these has-beens for the characters of the future.

Producer A: This is a Private Meeting.

Producer C: Let the man speak.

???: I'M A WOMAN.

Producer C: Whatever, I'm sorry miss.

???: So, who's on the highest wage here?

Producer A: Tatan, he convinced us he was the new co-leader of the Tartan Army.


Bonehead: W-what are you doing here.


Woman: Your coming with us banana boy. Find us 9 of the best upcoming characters with a personality that viewers would love... Or hate.

Banana Jr.: Yes... Sir.

Woman: Lets tell them a public vote has happened, and Tatan and some others will be held in a elimination camp, but none will return, and 10 will arrive.

Woman: I'm a woman.

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