#4 Haunted
Summary The Black Haired Man arrives with bad news: the mansion is about to be haunted.
Writer of Episode Cowbeb

The gang is settling in the mansion. Trouble is beginning to brew, however...

This episode features a bit of violence and stuff, but you'll prolly read it anyway...

Smile: I, uh, heard a knock at the door... I'll, um, er, eh...

Besh: ...go get it? You stuttering moron!

Smile: Um, yes, sorry, I'm sorry...

Smile opens the door, only to see the Black Haired Man standing before him.'

Black Haired Man: Hello, Smile.

Smile: Ah, mm, ah, er, okay.

Black Haired Man: You're scared of me- as you should be. I come with grave news- at least, it's grave for you losers.

Hector: What is it?

Black Haired Man: The mansion will, in about an hour, be haunted. By a Ghostborn.

Smile: You mean, like me?

Black Haired Man: Much like you. You know him, in fact.

Smile: Oh no. Not-

Black Haired Man: Mythic. Apparently you're too pathetic to have actually killed him. He's pretty mad at you. We found his spirit floating around, and pointed him in this direction.

Smile: So it's YOUR fault! You've just set an incredibly powerful entity on us, in the name of ratings!

Black Haired Man: Funny. You don't stutter when you're angry.

Smile: Um, uh, er, what?

Black Haired Man: Nothing. Anyway, have fun dealing with Mythic. You're all screwed, but our viewers will have a blast watching you!

Smile: You- you- you- you-

Smile leaps up into the air, punching the Black Haired Man in the face. The Black Haired Man grins, and responds by drawing a gun and shooting Smile in the face.


Flame: What the-?!

The Black Haired Man: You're a ghost, it won't kill you. But it'll hurt you quite a bit. You pathetic creature.

Smile: Urgh...

Hector: Hey! Leave him alone!

The Black Haired Man: You're the weakest, most disgusting being I have ever laid eyes on. Go crawl on the floor and whine.

The Black Haired Man turns and walks out, leaving Smile, tears dripping from his sunken, ghostly eyes, lying on the floor.

Hector: Smile! Are you okay?

Hark (whispered, to Flame): Smile's always had self-esteem issues, and I doubt this is going to help...

Flame runs over to Smile.

Flame: SMILE!

Smile: ...yes. I'm fine. We have no time to worry, um, about me, we have to get ready, Mythic is coming, er, right?

Hector: Yeah. I guess we should prepare...



Who cares?

Next: episode five!

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