#3 The Plan
Summary Flame and Besh made a plan to get rid of this spinoff, but as they succeeded, they still failed.
Writer of Episode Arend

this episode uses a small percentage of mature content.


Hark and Flame just came in the mansion (an exact replica of that one of Fandemonium's!), and they're surprised to see... Smile! This ghost has been taken away from his mortally, wife AND fluent speech by the sinister producers, and was forced to host Fandemonium: England Edition together with Samuel Think and Bonehead.

Before the first challenge is going to happen, the participants may relax a bit. However, everyone is upset about the fact that they are caught in this reality show. An excellent example is Besh:

Besh: I've heard of that Fandemonium. It sucks. That's why I didn't participate.

Besh: But that freaking, black-haired, shade-wearing man fooled me. Just like you all.

Archipeligo: How did he fooled you?

Besh: He said he found MY ticket to the same resort as Bashie, and he said I will get more explanation in this mansion.

Shroomy: Huh? Bashie?

Besh: My girlfriend. We originally were going to Aruba, but I lost my ticket, so she went alone. That black haired man had of course heard my conversation.

Moyan: That man said to me I got a second chance to participate in Fandemonium. But I didn't knew he meant a new show.

4.13: HE said I could be more famous than my bro.

Archipeligo: He said to me that the king of Canvas awarded me for "Hero of the Year". But he called me "cloud guy", and everyone in Canvas knew my name. AND I'M A DRAWING!

Flame: Bloody 'ell, shut up, cloud!

Archipeligo: I'M NOT A CLOUD!

Hark: Calm down, calm down.

Archipeligo: .....ok.

Smile: ...umm... Yeah... Umm... Ready for your... ummm....

Flame: ...bloody first challenge?

Smile: Yeah... Exactly...

Samuel: This challenge is an easy one...

Bonehead: Find the Corn Flakes box!

Flame: 'ell, I'm not going to find a cereals box.

Samuel: You have to.

Flame: Eliminate me.

Smile: Uh... That can't.

Bonehead: You're a special guest. Or so the producers said.

Samuel: Meaning you may not leave until the show is over.


Hark: Also counts for me?

Smile: Umm... thought so.

Hark burps in Smile's face.

Hark: Your reward.

Samuel: Well, find the corn flakes!

Besh: already found it.

Besh: and sliced it into thousand pieces.

Bonehead: It's that you've won the challenge, else we've eliminated you.

Smile: You all'll go to your... umm...

Samuel: bedrooms.

Smile: Ah... Yes, yes.

Besh and 4.13 are sleeping in the same room as Hark and Flame.

Besh: Y'know, I hate this.

Flame: Me too.

Will Flame get a plan instead of Besh?

Why do the producers really want this spin-off?

Will the Fandemonium gang meet the Fandemonium: English Edition gang?

Probably, these Q's won't be answered next episode, but still, see you next time!

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