Hard Game!! is a game for the Playstation 3. It takes place on the planet Saturn, in the year 2304. There are 9 worlds, 3 bosses each. While the game relies on the character's age. Yes, AGE. You see, the game is harder when a baby & elderly, while it is easier as a child & adult. There are options to customize your character, but it is very vain.


  • Story Mode (The mode this entire page refers to)
  • Multiplayer Kill- Out! (An Online Mode Where 9 Players Kill Each Other, The Final 2 Get A Trophy)

Character Customizations


  • Lilac
  • Cream
  • Orange

Color depends on nothing.


  • Square
  • Circle
  • Triangle

Circle is easier to move, it rolls around. Squares are harder to move, but cannot be blown. Triangle is like square, but jumps higher.


  • Sharp Teeth
  • Snout
  • Beak

Mouthes depend on nothing.


World 1: Bug Forest

World 2: Lake Of Luna

World 3: Volcano Terror

World 4: The Desert Of Schmalldon

World 5: Crazy Factory

World 6: Whirl Woods

World 7: The End...?

World Secret A: Tundra Trouble

World Secret B: The Real End...?

See also

Remake: Hard Game Deluxe!!

Sequel: Almost Impossible Game!!

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