You WILL be my friend!
Happy Face

Happy Face
Full Name Happy Face™
Species Demonic pillow
Location Outskirts
Current Status Alive? Or is he just a toy?
Family and Relations
Ecaf Yppah (alternate dimension version)

Happy Face is a mysterious character sold by The Man In The Black Cloak in The Untitled Fantendo Story and Fanon Trapped. He often says "You WILL be my friend" and can teleport, express emotion, and is quite possibly evil. His first starring game was called Pac-Happy Face, and another game for him is also releasing called Happy Face D.I.Y. After those two games, the Malicious series was announced which starred Happy Face including Super Happy Face, a game by SonicWiki (tbc).

The Happy Face also appears in Episode 4 of Something Evil This Way Comes, as well as appearing in I Won't Hurt You.

Happy Face also appeared in a few episodes of Survivor Fan.

Angry Face

A more evil and psychotic (is that possible?) version of Happy Face named Angry Face (sometimes known as Evil Happy Face) has been available as a power-up in many games in the Malicious series. In Happy Face D.I.Y. however, Angry Face appears as the lone boss of the game, however he is a Rival Boss. It is unknown how the power-up got its own body and soul.


Angry Face


  • Happy Face is the evil twin of Ecaf Yppah.
  • Happy Face has been shown to be in several personalities, including "Annoying", "Psychotic", and "Silent Hero".