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Hans Hangyaku
Hans tof
Hans Artwork
Current Age 10 (Tales of Freedom)

13 (Tales of Freedom II)
513 (Marianne's Return)
1013 (Warriors of Adrammelech)

Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Class Ravager, Synergist, Medic
Main Weapon(s) Boomerangs
Voice Actor(s)
Yūki Kaji (JAP)

Vincent Martella (ENG)

Hans Hangyaku (ハンス'反逆, Hansu hangyaku) is a playable character in Tales of Freedom. A young boy who, along with his mother, is part of the group of exiles onboard the Purge train. During an unsuccessful resistance effort by Guardian Corpse, his mother dies in the conflict. Blaming Marianne for his mother's death, Hans follow her but ends up becoming a Rasuren and being forced to work with him and the others as he waits for his chance to get revenge. He wields boomerangs in battle.

Other AppearancesEdit

Dissidia Tales XEdit

Hans is a warrior of Chaos in Dissidia Tales X. He comes to the cycle of wars as the hero representing Tales of Freedom. Hans, attempting to assist the heroes while remaining their enemy. As Marianne's rival and friend, Hans considers himself stained with darkness beyond the point of salvation, and so walks the dark path he feels his friend should not.


Hans' first alternate outfit, "Cloak of Flame". He wears black armor accented in silver and gold, with a cape bearing a crimson lining. During EX Mode, the Shadow Dragon is gold, which may refer to the Gold Dragon, a palette swap of the Shadow Dragon from Tales of Freedom.

Hans' second alternate costume in Dissidia Tales X is his "Man in Black" attire from Warriors of Adrammelech: Tales of Freedom, exposing his shadowed face and long, white hair. He is armorless, donning a black kilt and cloak with prayer beads around his arms and legs. In EX Mode, the Shadow Dragon coils around Hans like body art with its head partially revealed during the EX Burst.

EX ModeEdit

Hans' EX Mode is Summon Chameleon, where he summons and fuses with his Eidolon, Chameleon from Tales of Freedom. During EX Mode, Han gains the special attack "Black Fang" by holding Dissidia R Button and Dissidia Square Button. It has a long charge time, which causes him to become vulnerable to attacks, but causes an instant Break on the opponent. The summon Phoenix is the only way to stop this; other summons that "lock" the opponent's Brave like Demon Wall cannot stop Black Fang. Black Fang will succeed even if Hans is afflicted with Break when it executes.

Hans' EX Burst is Twin Moon. The player must input three chains of commands within a time limit. If the player fails, Hans crushes the opponent between four boulders. If all three commands are input successfully, the Chameleon paralyzes the opponent with Binding Cold, followed by Hans casting Meteor, conjuring a barrage of meteorites to attack.

Warriors of Adrammelech: Tales of FreedomEdit

In Warriors of Adrammelech, Hans is now an NPC, At the beginning of the game, He'll give 5 Apple Gels to Tina.