Hanna-Barbera vs Capcom: Great Clash of Heroes is 6th installment of the vs.Capcom series for the Wii U starring the game icons of Capcom, and the cartoon classics of Hanna-Barbera.

Plot: Escaping his paralysis prison in the dark void of Quest World. Dr.Jeremiah Surd discover other worlds through the data of Quest World that he not only want to conquer Quest World but along with the worlds he discovered. Seeing the situation Dr.Quest along with Johnny Quest, and Jessie Bannon summon heroes of those worlds to stop Surd before there worlds are under his control.

Hanna-Barbera Characters

Johnny Quest-The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest

Jessie Bannon-The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest


Blue Falcon with Dynomutt assist-Blue Falcon

Hong Kong Phooey-Hong Kong Phooey

Mightor-The Mighty Mightor

Space Ghost-Space Ghost

Yogi Bear-The Yogi Bear Show

Penelope Pitstop-Wacky Races

Dick Dastardly with Muttley assist-Wacky Races

Gravity Girl-The Galaxy Trio


Ren with Tula Ioz assist-The Pirates of Dark Water

T-Bone with Razor assist-Swat Cats

Capcom characters

X-Megaman X

Roll Caskett-Megaman Legends

Ryu-Street Fighter

Chun-Li-Street Fighter II

Morrigan-Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors

Devilotte-Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness

Regina-Dino Crisis

Leon Kennedy-Resident Evil 2

Lady-Devil May Cry 3

Monster Hunter-Monster Hunter

Edward Falcon-Power Stone

Nillin-Remember Me

Kyosuke Kagami-Rival Schools: United by Fate

Gene-God Hand

Final Boss

Quest World Surd-The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest


Mega Man-Mega Man

Roll-Mega Man

Rush-Mega Man

Beat-Mega Man

B.B.Hood: Darkstalkers 3

Mandark-Dexter's Laboratory

Dexter-Dexter's Laboratory

Phoenix Wright-Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Miles Edgeworth-Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Felicia: Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors

Charlie Chan, and the Chan clan-The Amazing Chan and the Clan Chan

Meteor Man-Galaxy Trio

Vapor Man-Galaxy Trio

Sakura-Street Fighter Alpha

Arthur-Ghost N' Goblins

Red Arrememer-Ghost N' Goblins

Ashtoroth-Ghost N' Goblins

Hayato-Star Gladiator

Pyron-Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors

Dino Boy-Dino Boy

Ugh the Caveman-Dino Boy

Calico Briggs-Swat Kat

The Butlet Family, and Digger-Valley of the Dinosaurs

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