Hand of Aura - The Doomsday Machine is an RPG with Platformer elements, similarly to Super Paper Mario. It is inspired by games such as The Adventures of White and focuses on a group of rag-tag aura-wielders (called "Aurons,) inspired by friends the creator had met in his life.


The gameplay has some elements of RPGs with the bosses, quests, and how characters join your party. But there are also many platforming-based levels and the enemies are fought in real time. You gain new weapons and abilities over time and there are also secret bonuses in some of the platforming levels.

Playable Characters

Characater Description
Dark TDM
Dark, Red Auron of Fire
The Main Protagonist of the game, Dark is the de facto leader of the team, but tries to be as humble as possible. His primary weapon is the Burn Blade. 
Att, Blue Auron of Thunder
Atticus (or "Att" for short) is the snarky second-in-command for the team, often being cynical with his friends but is also extremely tactical. His primary weapon is the Diamond Battleaxe. 
Pandagurl TDM
Pandagurl, Yellow Auron of Light
Panda is the most energetic of the team, and is a skilled archer. Her primary weapon is the Bow of Light. 
Karl TDM
Karl, Green Auron of Rock
Karl is the most laid-back out of the team, and is also a weapons expert. However, sometimes he ends up being a bit stubborn. His primary weapon is the Mega Cannon.
Skylar TDM
Skylar, Cyan Auron of Wind
Ellie, Pink Auron of Magnetism TBA
Danny TDM
Danny, White Auron of Mirror

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