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Hamstopia case

Hamstopia is the first game of the Hamstopia Series.It takes place on a planet called Hamstopia where it's a world of hamsters.


Chapter 1:The hamsternap

I't begins with the planet hamstopia floating in space.Then the camera zooms into a small town called gold town and all the golden hamsters are having fun.But then a strange ship comes and it's the X-polins an Evil team that uses technology for evil purposes.Then they take almost all hamsters of gold town and go to continent to continent stealing a ton of hamsters.Then the X-polins take them to their huge and evil empire and trap them in cages and pour their minions all over the world.then all the hamsters that's left of gold town is a few of the adult hamsters a hamster named Emaliy and 3 siblings Starston,Sabrina and Astin .The 3 siblings parents got taken by the X-polins.So they decide to use the weapons there parents gave them for emergencies: A Magic hamster ball (1 for each) and a super sword (1 for each) then they set off to pumel those minions,save the hamsters,stop the X-polins and make everything right so they set off to gold plains to get closer to the boss super mega plant.

Chapter 2:To Watis!!

After Super Mega plant is destroyed a shiny ball of light rises from it and enlightens the whole continent and makes all the minions run away.The trio decides that maybe they can find enough of those light balls they can stop team X-polins evil plan so they go back to gold town and ask the wise hamster Wikee if he knows where any of those balls are. And Wikee does. And The nearest one is on Watis So they set off to Watis to find the next ball.

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