Our flag
Capital City Sharram
Largest City Darumatu
Language(s) Irish (native & main), English, French
Leader(s) Elected government
National Anthem
"Our Lovely Coastal Country"
Government Democracy
Population Estimated 41,000,000
Currency Formerly 頁 (Page)

Ħ (Hamm)

Demonym Hammish
Drives on the Left
Measuring System Metres
Abbreviation HA
Included Environment(s)
Forest, Mountain, Tropics
Victoria (country)

The Democratic Republic of Hammich is the furthest east country in Osiris, on the continent of Azunia. It owns Victoria as overseas territory, after a deal was made with Victor Velinar, current leader of Victoria. Hammich itself was once part of Jakeistan but broke away after the 1944 Uprising. It has an estimated population of 41 million as of this year. Its capital, Sharram, is a quaint city on the outskirts of a forest. Daramatu is the largest city, having a population of about 600,000.

Climate & Geography

Hammich is a quaint country with beautiful scenery and land formations scattered all around. Its flag symbolizes the simplicity of the country, featuring a simple clover on a green background. The blue stripe stands for the seas of this coastal country. Despite being on the equator, Hammich can be very cold in the winter. Its many islands mostly consist of various forests. However, there is one volcanic island named Éruvano. This volcano has been dormant for 300 years. Hammich also has many mountains, most famous being the Bharwá mountain range in the west. In the Bharwá mountains is a beautiful lake that shines mystically when the sun sets. Local mythologists have discovered that fairy-like creatures known as nyxies reside in Lake Álainn. There have been sightings of nyxies all over Hammich. It has been concluded that various species of nyxies exist. The ones in Lake Álainn being Sunset Nyxies. The longest river in Hammich is known as the Uiscall. It flows from Sharram into the ____. There are rumoured to be Rainfall Nyxies living in that river.




Under Jakeistan's Rule

1944 Uprising

The Victoria Deal


As of breaking away from Jakeistan, Hammich has had five presidents.

  • Hammond O' Sullivan (first)
  • Lawrence McLoughlin
  • Tomás Lonergan
  • Stella Byrne (created Victoria Deal)
  • Cliff Daly (current)






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