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Hammer Flower
Hammer Flower SMEv
A Hammer Flower in Super Mario Evolution.
Item Type Flower
Turn Mario into Hammer Mario.
Related Items
Hammer Suit
Boomerang Flower

A Hammer Flower is a special flower, which looks like to a Boomerang Flower, except the corolla is formed along a hammer form. It turns Mario into Hammer Mario. The item first appears in Super Mario Evolution.


The Hammer Flower allows the player is able to throw hammers, like a Hammer Bro. Once thrown, the hammer will follow a circular axis.


Ultra Mario World

The Hammer Flower reappears in Ultra Mario World. In this game, its effect is the same as Super Mario Evolution's one.

Super Mario Universal

Hammer Flower's apparence is different then the other. It appears in Super Mario Universal.

Super Mario World 3: Back to the Island

The Hammer Flower appears in SMW3: BTTI. It transforms Mario into Hammer Mario. Its effect is the same as you would expect it, just like in Super Mario Evolution.

Super Mario: Star Search

The Hammer Flower appears in Super Mario: Star Search. It turns Mario into Hammer Mario.



  • The Hammer Flower can be the replacement of the Hammer Suit.


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