Hammer Bro. Smashes the Competition!!!
Hammer Bro.
Hammer bro by yoshigo99-d4duynn
The elite minion of King Bowser
Class Newcomer
Universe Super Mario
Availability Unlockable
Home Stage Airship Armanda
Final Smash Battle Minigame
Tier  ??

Hammer Bro. is a semi-common Mario enemy and an elite minion in the Koopa Troop. He makes a playable appearance in Super Smash Bros. Electricity.


Basic Attacks

Smash Attacks

Side Smash: Charges and swings a hammer into the ground in front of him. May bury opponents if done correctly.
Up Smash: Headbutts upwards with helmet.
Down Smash: Twirls around while balancing on shell.

Aerial Attacks

Grabs and Throws

Special Attacks

Move Description
Hammer Toss Throws a hammer that arcs downwards when thrown. Does minimal damage, but can be charged to do more damage and shoot forward faster. Can be reflected.
Shell Slide Hammer Bro. recoils into his shell, and slides forward. Deals damage to opponents who get hit.
Amazin' Flying Hammer Bro. Hammer Bro. mounts a flying block platform that flies upwards. Hammer Bro. can throw Hammers from this state while he rises. Other players can mount as well. When the move ends, all mounters are left in a helpless state.
Sumo Bro. Hammer Bro. stomps on the ground, creating a shock wave that moves forward. The wave gradually grows smaller until it hits a wall or edge. Can only be used every 17 seconds. If used on a pass-through platform, falls through until it hits a solid platform.

Move Description
Giant Hammer Toss
Blue Shell Slide
Mundane Flying Hammer Bro
Meteor Sumo Bro.

Move Description
Boomerang Toss
Gold Shell Slide
Separatin' Flying Hammer Bro.
Sumo Bro. +

Move Description
Iceball Toss
Shell Guard
Sticky Flying Hammer Bro.
Burying Sumo Bro.


Appearance in Oncoming Storm

Adventure Mode


Trophy Descriptions

Hammer Bro.

Hammer Bro. (alt)

Battle Minigame

Hammer Toss

Shell Slide

Amazin' Flying Hammer Bro.

Sumo Bro.

Boomerang Bro.

Fire Bro.

Ice Bro.

On-Screen Appearance

Color Swaps

Informational Conversations


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