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Hama the Mercenary is a one-shot short story detailing Hama/Hinata's backstory and her early life as a mercenary. Written by .vectorDestiny (tbc), it is a single issue comic of Fantendo - Drive.


Act I

The plot begins with Hinata drinking, while sitting close to the bar counter. A human sits next to her and starts talking.

Human: I heard that you do a certain kind of job.
Hinata: Depends. How much do you have?

The human puts a large bag of money on the counter.

Human: Is this will be enough.
Hinata: Seems like an alright amount.

Hinata takes another drink as the human goes put his hand on her legs.

Hinata: So, who do you want me to k-

Hinata notices the human's intentions and proceeds to burn his hand by shooting fire through her mouth. The human gets scared.

Hinata: It is not that kind of a job, you fucking asshole.

The man runs off in pain and scared. Hinata gets angry at the man's intentions but notices that the human left the bag of money on the counter. She takes it and calls the bartender.

Hinata: Hey, another round, please.

The bartender gives Hinata another drink. Things return to usual, as Hama continues to drink until a tall cloaked figure enters the bar and goes to the counter.

Cloaked Figure: I heard that you do a certain kind of job.
Hinata: I swear to fucking god, if you are here thinking that I am a goddamn pros-
Cloaked Figure: No need to swear. I don't came here with dirty thoughts.
Hinata: Oh. So, what do you want Kenobi?
Cloaked Figure: I need to take revenge on someone.
Hinata: How much do you have?

The cloaked figure drops a small bag with money.

Hinata: Well, that's fucking lame. If that's all you are going to pay to me, then all that I'm going to do with your target will be cutting a finger or two. Maybe strip them down so that I can leave the mission with a laugh.

The cloaked figure drops a larger bag of money.

Hinata: Well, that's fucking awesome. With that, I will even cut of your target's head, if you want.
Cloaked Figure: Very well.
Hinata: So who is this person that you want me to kill so much?

After Hinata says this, she starts drinking again.

Cloaked Figure: A person who has ruined my life. The princess of the seas.

As the cloaked figure says this, Hinata realizes who he is talking about and does a spit take, that accidentally also makes her burning up part of the counter.

Hinata: Are you fucking insane? There is no way in hell that I can kill her! Who the fuck are you anyway?
Cloaked Figure: You are quite a foul-mouthed creature.
Hinata: Fuck off with your politeness and cut the crap, please.
Cloaked Figure: Very well.

The cloaked figure removes the cloak, revealing a large lizard-like head. Hinata gets more confused.

Hinata: That doesn't answer my question.
Viraco: Name's Viraco. Leader of the Draconian Armada.
Hinata: Oh, it's... you? Who are you again?
Viraco: Lady Hana, have you forgotten about me?
Hinata: Name's Hinata, you lousy pr- Oh, it's you.

Flashback: Hinata is seeing watching the royal guards train from afar. Viraco goes to talk with her.

Viraco: What an angel like you is doing here, Lady Hana?
Hinata: Eat shit.

Hinata leaves the area from where she watchings the training, while Viraco looks stunned and dumbfounded.

Hinata (off-panel): Name's Hinata, for fuck's sake!

Another Flashback: At the throne room, Hinata's father and mother King Rexrus and Queen Dramacia are there. The royal messenger comes to talk with them.

Royal Messenger: Milady Dramacia, Milord Rexrus, Lady Hinata's husband is here.
King Rexrus: Good. Tell him to get here.
Royal Messenger: Sure, will do so.

The royal messenger leaves the Throne Room.

Queen Dramacia: Where's Hinata?
King Rexrus: She said she would be here in any minute.

Hinata gets to the throne room, looking very sleepy.

Hinata: *yawns* What's it today, another family reunion?
King Rexrus: No.
Hinata: Thank fuck it isn't. I would rather die than hearing Grandpa Avosnis's sermons once again.
King Rexrus: Your grandfather only wants to help you. But that's not what today's matter is.
Hinata: What is it, then?
Viraco enters the throne room.
Viraco: Milord Rexrus.
Hinata: Oh hey, it is this guy. Haven't I told you to eat shit, how are you still alive?
Queen Dramacia: Manners, Hinata. You are a princess.
Hinata: Eh, whatever.
King Rexrus: Hinata, this is Viraco, future prince of Doragon.

Hinata looks dumbfounded. Her facial expression is a mix of surprise, shock, anger and disgust. She starts to think that it is all a joke.

Hinata: Old man, your jokes are finally getting better! I know today is April 1st, come on don't scare me like this!
Viraco: Actually, it is Setempber 9.

Hinata realizes that it is not a joke.

Hinata: Are you serious?
King Rexrus: I am. Viraco is the best choice to be your husband, a loyal, polite and nice man that is worthy of being the king of this land.
Hinata: Do I get any final saying in this matter?
King Rexrus: What do you mean?
Hinata: Is this incredibly fucked up where you are basically giving me to someone as if I was an object of some kinds?
King Rexrus: This is our tradition, Hinata. This is how me and your mother got together.
Hinata: My point still remains.
King Rexrus: Are you going against the traditions of our land? Do you know what the punishment is for people that do that?
Hinata: Is the punishment cookies? Or something kinky?
King Rexrus: The punishment is being banished from this land.
Hinata: So, if I go against the traditions, then I'm free from here?
Viraco: Techinically.
Hinata: Alright, see ya later, fuck you all.

End of flashbacks.

Hinata: How are you still alive? Have the feces not affected you yet?
Viraco: This is serious business, Hana.
Hinata: Name's Hin-, do you know what? Fuck it, call me whatever the fuck you want.
Viraco: Glad to get that running gag out of the way. So, let's focus on what's important.
Hinata: Okay, what were we talking about again?

Hinata takes a drink.

Viraco: I'm paying you to kill Natara, the princess of the seas.

Hinata does another flaming spit take, which accidentally burns the poor bartender.

Hinata: So the feces didn't affected your stomach, it affected your goddamn brain.
Viraco: Are you willing to give up on the mission and this much money just because you are scared?

Hinata looks at the bag of money that Viraco dropped and then looks at him again.

Hinata: Fine. My greed speaks louder than my brain, so let's do this.
Viraco: Very well. So, when can you begin?

Hinata finishes her drink.

Hinata: Right now.

Act 2

Hinata and Viraco leave the bar.

Hinata: Alright, where are going?
Viraco: The Syrequan Kingdom is northwest from here. It will take about four days to reach there.
Hinata: Hey, why are you still in your dragon form?
Viraco: I have been cursed to stay in this form by a previous mercenary who was also a shaman.
Hinata: Oh, you mean Frank?
Viraco: The fellow mercenary and I got into a fight. I lost.
Hinata: You got in a fight against Frank? And lost? Frank lost a fight against a child!
Viraco: Can we focus on our mission please?
Hinata: You lost to a guy who lost to a child! You are fucking pathetic!
Viraco: Could you please stop?
Hinata: Alright, loser.

The two begin walking. The next panels shows them walking towards the Syrequan Kingdom, walking for a full day. They continue walking, until...

Hinata: Wait a fucking moment. I'm a fucking dragon, why do I need to fucking walk?
Viraco: Lady Hana, a moment pl-
Hinata: You are a fucking dragon too! Fuck, why are we walking!?

Hinata turns into a dragon and flies off to the Syrequa Kingdom with Viraco. They reach near the entrance of the Syrequa Kingdom. Hinata turns back into her human form. They start walking in the direction of the entrance.

Viraco (whispering): Now, all we need is to enter the kingdom without no one noticing.

Hinata walks past the guards on the entrance without being stopped.

Hinata: Oh hey boys.
Viraco: How did you got past them?
Hinata: Let's just say that I like having fun sometimes. Usually with two or more. They hang around the market area next to the bar and I was bored so. Now if you stop being a fucking wuss, let's go.

The two walk by the Syrequa Kingdom, with the people around them looking at the two with a confused facial expression.

Viraco: I wonder why they look at us with that expression.
Hinata: They think that the Doragons are just myths. The two guard guys thought that they were fucking a harpy.
Viraco: Maybe they wanted to erase the memory of the war.
Hinata: What makes you think that?
Viraco: The fact that our species almost killed theirs.
Hinata: That was a rethorical question, you fucking moron.
Viraco: Language.
Hinata: Do you have a fucking problem with the way I talk?

Their argument ends when they hear the Syrequan Royal Messenger in the balcony of the castle.

Royal Messenger: Attention people of Syrequa, the royal princess Natara is about to give a speech.
Hinata: Oh shit, this is a good chance, come on move, we need to hide.

Hinata and Viraco goes to hide while the Natara leaves the castle to speak with the public.

Natara: People of Syrequa.

The next panel shows Hinata and Viraco hiding.

Hinata: Alright, let's try this.

Hinata starts to shoot fire out of her hands and manipulate it to change it's shape to form of a spear of fire.

Hinata: Here we go, baby. It's all or nothing.

As Natara continues her speech, Hinata goes to aim her shoot and then throws the spear in the direction of Natara's head.

Hinata: That's going to leave a big ass hole in her fucking head.

The spear is stopped in mid air by three guards who have been hiding in the castle, whom shoots the spear with water so that it vanishes. The three guards leaves the castle, while Natara requests the people to leave the area.

Natara: I knew it.
Hinata: Shit.
Natara: Go look for the assassin, boys.

Natara's guards starts to look for the two in the city.

Viraco: What we do now?
Hinata: We stay here.
Viraco: Okay.
Hinata: No, you fucking moron, I was joking! Get your scaly ass up and run!

The two proceed to run making sure that they don't catch the attention of the guards. Eventually, the two find a blind spot of the city and proceed to hide there.

Hinata: It is fucking dark in here.

Hinata creates a small fire on her finger providing light.

Hinata: Alright, new plan, I'm going to fucking murder them all.
Viraco: I didn't hired you to do a mass genocide!
Hinata: Oh no, fuck, I wouldn't do that, I'm not that fucked up. I meant that I'm going to kill that girl and her three fuckers too.
Viraco: How?
Hinata: I have a plan. You can throw fire like I do right?
Viraco: The shaman locked my powers too.

Hinata stares at Viraco in silence. She puts out the fire and the location goes dark. When Hinata lights up the location again, Viraco is seeing beaten up and lying on the ground.

Hinata: Why the fuck did you come with me again, you useless piece of shit?
Viraco: I wanted to see Natara die, personally.
Hinata: Great, now I have to do this job alone.
Viraco: Miss Hana, I can still be helpful.
Hinata: Helpful my ass! Stay in this fucking place until I'm done.
Viraco: But the reason I came here was to see Natara die!
Hinata: Don't worry, when I kill here, I will leave her dead body here so that you can have all the fun you fucking want.

Hinata leaves the hideout with Viraco still there.

Hinata (thinking): Alright, Plan B. One at a time. Personally, I would had preferred all three, but this isn't a fun situation, so I need to go one by one.

Hinata goes in direction of guards, keeping her out of their sight. She distracts them by making a loud noise from three different directions, which makes them split to locate the noise's location.

Hinata (thinking): These fucking morons always fall for this trick.

Hinata follows one of the guards to a cathedral, where she prepares a surprise attack. She prepares three fireballs to throw at the guard, by hiding in the organ. She plays the organ from the inside trying to catch the guard's attention, which it does and then she jumps out of the organ throwing the fireballs at the guard. She then proceeds to hit him with a flaming spear which melts one of his arms.

Hinata: I hope you that you are not left-handed, because if you are, then man you are not going to get pleasure tonight.

Hinata then throws another spear in the guard's head.

Hinata (thinking): One down. Two to go.

Hinata leaves the cathedral, but not before checking the guard's body.

Hinata (thinking): I was disappointed that despite the large size of the guard, his low-hanging fruit was that small. Oh well, looks can be decieving.

Hinata starts to look for the other guard, whom she finds in a shop where they sell coffins. She then proceeds to hide herself in a coffin and call the guard's attention to her. The guard opens the coffin, only to show that she is not inside. She is actually in the ceiling, where she drops on the guard's head.

Hinata: I am Count Hinatacula! I bid you welcome! To death!

Hinata, while in the guard's head, forms a big fireball which explodes, destroying the guard's head and leaving her unharmed, as she jumped off the guard's head before the fireball explosed.

Hinata (thinking): Oh, this is getting me excited.

With only one to go, Hinata goes to find the third and last guard. After a while, she finds out that the third guard is in a fish market.

Hinata (thinking): Oh man, I'm in the fish market about to fight a bad guy. This is almost like the season 3 finale of Amatsuchi.

Hinata grabs a fish and then slaps the guard's face with it.

Hinata: I smell something fishy, what could it be?

The guard attempts to hit Hinata with water, although he misses and Hinata kicks him and proceeds to attack him with fire-shaped hook and then exploding his body.

Hinata: It is your decaying corpse!
Hinata (thinking): Should had thinked of a better punchline. Oh well.

Hinata looks in direction of the castle.

Hinata: All of the guards are fucking dead and now it is time to rip the bitch's head off.

Act 3

Hinata goes in direction of the castle's entrance, killing the guards in the process. She goes up to the castle and discovers that the princess resides in the 100th floor. And then she reads she is on the 2nd floor.

Hinata: Why are there so many fucking floors in this fucking castle? It is almost deserted for god's sake, which moron built this?

Hinata proceeds to walk up on the floors, battling Natara's forces in the way, until she reaches the 50th floor and then she has a realization.

Hinata: Holy fucking shit, I forgot that I'm a fucking dragon again.

Hinata turns into a dragon and goes to the 100th floor, where she meets with Natara.

Hinata: How's it going, bitch?
Natara: You poor foul mouthed creature.

The two stare against each other for a while.

Natara: How is your kingdom going?
Hinata: Well, everyone's fucking dead.
Natara: What a shame.
Hinata: It won't be a shame when I cut your head off and use it to have pleasure myself tonight.

Two next panels showcase Hinata's and Natara's expressions and reactions to what Hinata just said. Hinata is confident while Natara is disgusted. The next panel, Natara vomits.

Natara: You are fucked up.
Hinata: Yup. That's a good description of me.

A battle between the two start. Natara starts with the first shot, although she misses it. Hinata attempts to hit Natara, but misses it as well. Hinata enters close combat with Natara and manages to bring her to the floor, although Natara counter attacks by grabbing Hinata's leg by manipulating water in the shape of a hand and pulling her. Natara attempts to strike Hinata with a water sword, but Hinata vaporizes the sword by breathing fire. The two return to stare to each other once again.

Natara: Hmph.
Hinata: How did our species lost to yours again? Maybe your species didn't had the bad luck to fight against someone like me.
Natara: That's what you think.

Natara traps Hinata in a water vortex.

Natara: Ha ha. You are the reason your species lost. Your species arrogance makes you an easy target and here I am. With the last member of an almost extinct species that threated my species existence. But now, I draw the line and end this once and for all. This is the end, Princess Hama!
Hinata: Name's Hi-, do you know what, I'm not even going to bother do to this.

Hinata turns into a dragon, freeing herself from the water vortex. Still her dragon form, Hinata grabs Natara on her mouth, flies off the castle, flies high and drops her. Hinata flies back to the castle as she sees Natara plummet to the ground...

Hinata: Say hello to the floor!

...or so she thinks. Natara turns into a flying water monster, who then proceeds to attack Hinata, who had changed back to her human form. Hinata manages to turn back into the dragon form and the two clash against each other. The two attempts to strike each other, either missing the target and not doing substational damage to each other. Eventually, Natara shoots a gigantic pump of water towards Hinata, while Hinata counter attacks with a fire spiral. The elemental beams clash against each other, which exhauts both, meaning that they can't maintain their bestial forms. The two get exhausted and eventually goes back to their human forms, falling towards the ground. As the two reach the ground, the next panels don't show their fate. The next panels after that, shows Hinata waking up in a field.

Hinata: Huh, what happened? I had a terrible dream where the guy who ate shit was still alive...

Hinata turns around and sees Viraco.

Hinata: Goddamn it, it wasn't a dream.

Hinata turns around again and sees Natara's body plummeted to the ground.

Hinata: God, that's gross.
Viraco: Very well. You have completed your job. You have avenged our species.
Hinata: Where's my money, shit eater?
Viraco: Do you care for anything besides yourself and money?
Hinata: Yes. I care for your money that is about to be mine.

Viraco hands the money to Hinata, whom then goes to leave the location.

Viraco: Until we see again, Lady Hana.

Hinata turns back and goes talk with Viraco.

Hinata: You know, I was thinking and maybe Hinata isn't a cool name. It doesn't really strike fear or curiosity from people. Since I'm a mercenary, maybe I should have a better name, like the Amazing Burning Lady, or the Not-Harpy-Lady... how about Hama?
Viraco: Hama? The fudge does it means?
Hinata: Fuck if I know, but it works.
Viraco: What do you mean?
Hinata: Think about it, when I'm going to kill someone, I'm going to reveal my name is Hama and my target will be to busy thinking about what the fuck my name means that when the target realizes that he is about to die, too late! He's dead!
Viraco: I suppose...?
Hinata: Why am I talking with a fucking moron. Anyway, the point is, from now on, call me Hama.
Viraco: Alright, Lady Hama. Before you leave, I have a request to do.
Hama: What?
Viraco: Let's do something we couldn't do before the war. Let's continue the Doragonian tradition and let's marry.

Hama rolls her eyes.

Hama: Viraco, do you know what happens to a body when it dies?
Viraco: What?
Hama: The body poops. Go to that lady and eat her shit please.

Hama walks off, while Viraco is disgusted thinking about what Hama said.



  • There is a lot of things that were changed from the original plan.
    • The first act would feature Hama as a young girl and her changing her personality, becoming a rebel and leaving the kingdom before the war started. This was changed because the writer couldn't find a good way to make the transition and feeling that the war wasn't really the important part of the story.
    • The beginning of Act I was originally planned to be the beginning of Act II.
    • Hama was going to participate in a group of mercenaries, this was nixed so that the story could focus more on her.
    • Inula, the Heir of Nature from the first interation of Eternika was originally supposed to be one of the main protagonists, participating in the climax alongside Hama. Like the above example, this was removed in order to focus the story more on Hama.
    • Natara's role was originally supposed to be Clepsydra, from the first interation of Eternika.
    • The Eternity Seed would play a part in the first act of the story and Abigail the Witch, a character that is important in the backstory of Abigail, from the second interation of Eternika would also had appeared.
    • The most important reason to why these elements were removed was because Hama the Mercenary was supposed to be a prequel to an upcoming Eternika reboot, before being a story centerd around the character of Hama with no ties with the Eternika story, besides some connection with the lore.
    • Originally, Hama's Flame Boomerang was included and it was going to be given to her by Viraco, who would explained that the Flame Boomerang is made of molten lava and would fire up when Hama utilizes her pyrokenesis. In the climax, Hama would use the Flame Boomerang to create the Hell Ring and kill Natara.
  • The story and it's elements were based off the 2016 Deadpool movie.
  • In Act II, Hama makes a reference towards the 1931 Dracula movie.
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