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Current Age 5,000+
Gender Female
Species Half human, half dragon
Main Weapon(s) Magma Boomerang
First Appearance Eternika

Hama (real name: Hinata von Brandt) is one of the main characters of the Eternika franchise and the unofficial mascot of Stardust Citadel. A foul-mouthed, egoistical and sarcastic mercenary, Hama is the last of her kind of half-human, half -dragon hybrids whom were massacrated in a war during medival times. Granted an extended life time and self healing by the Eternity Seed, Hama lived through out the ages as a blood seeking mercernary without missing her sharp tounge.

She is dragged into the confrontation between the Guardian Brothers, which leads into the plot of Eternika. She is the mother of Ashton, although she had forgotten that she ever had a son in her life. She is the most popular Eternika character whom had appeared in many Fantendo crossovers, although over the years, she had a dip in her popularity as other characters such as Corshama and Abigail started to get the spotlight.


Following her debut in Eternika, Hama made 14 appearances in Fantendo crossovers.


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