Current Age  ?? (centuries old)
Date of Birth date unknown
Bertuch, Draconia
(modern day: 1200px-Flag of Germany Stuttgart, Germany)
Gender Female
Species Draconian
Location 1200px-Flag of Germany Baden-Wüttemberg, Germany

Hinata von Brandt (commonly referred as Hama, her royal title as the princess of Draconia, meaning "lady of royal blood") is one of the starting playable characters for the fighting game Eternika. Canonically the oldest playable character, as it is rumored that she has been alive for centuries, although the details of her actual age are unknown, due to the records of the kingdom she once lived in being non-existant and herself not really caring much about it. She is, according to her, the last of her race, the Draconians, a species of dragon-like creatures with the ability to shapeshift.

Brash and sarcastic, Hinata is not a very kind person, at least when first met. Her long longevity has made her distance herself to building up relationships with others, preferring to live alone and utilize her skills to be an assassin for hire, one infamous through history, considered one of the most elusive myths of all time. As her father was involved in the Great Battle against the Demon Beast Viubhal, Hinata holds the Royal Family Crest of Courage, dedicated by the gods to her lineage as a reward for her father's achievements in the event.

However, with the resurgence of the beast in the present day, she was one of the targets of the beast's wrath, which led to her and others be trapped in a dimension within the Beast, unable to do much to stop them outside, trapped in a reality which shapes around her fears and worries. Should she overcome these, she proves her worth to the gods as a true heroine of her own and escapes that reality and becomes part of the New Heroes that fought against Viubhal to save the world.





Hinata is one of the starter playable characters in Eternika. Her playstyle is defined as "Swift Assassin". True to her playstyle's name, Hinata is a fast and powerful fighter, taking full advantage of both of these aspects is the key to utilize her abilities at it's best. She has a decent variety of stun moves, which can be followed up with several fast hitting moves for maximum effect, her air-game is one of the best in the game, being both able to use it to continue combos or as a defensive manuever to dodge a possible comeback or counter from the opponent.

While her offensive game is on point, the area where she truly is lacking. While she can dish out damage, she isn't very good at taking it, as she is one of the most fragile characters in the game. While some of her stuns can be utilized as defensive options, she doesn't have much in defensive moves. Should a character be able to break out of her combo, she can easily lose all momentum she had all match.

She is a character that can easily win matches in a flash, but should the match be against a character who can escape or set up a counter reliably, she is basically dead on arrival, not that is impossible to win after it but difficult to do so.

Eternal Love Quest

In the extra minigame, Hinata is one of the many characters the player can meet. She is aligned with Chaos, meaning she prefers to do things more out of the ordinary or to do crazy things. She can be met as early as nighttime in Day 2, on the Devil's Bar (a reference to Banned from Fantendo, where the player could also meet her there, as well as Arial, a demon character). Like in the main game, she starts out as brash, sarcastic and somewhat egoistical, but she warms up through out the continuing dates with her.

Her favorite type of food is spicy food, while her least favorite type of food is pasta. Her favorite type of presents are Wild, while her least favorite type is Romantic. Acquiring a maximum rank with her, the player unlocks two new outfits for her: Royal Armor and Nurse. They also get a free "Flaming Passion" card pack, containing five randomly selected skills based off Hinata's abilities; these cards can be used to customize Sly Mei's moveset.


  • Real talk: I dont know where i got the name hama anymore. if I recall correctly, I think I used an english to latin translator and mashed the words dragon and human together