is a sub-species of Luma that are usually seen in haunted areas. They are usually enemies that attack by throwing themselves at Mario. To defeat one, simply use a spin attack on them. They can also be defeated by being frozen by Ice Mario then spinning. It takes longer, but once it is frozen it is easier to use the spin attack on it. Unlike Lumas they have no arms, a mouth has been carved out and their eyes have been carved out. The carved out eyes glow because of a ball of gas is inside (which is also why fireballs are useless against them) giving the Haluma it's energy thus making the eyes shine. Yet it is unknown why the carved out smile does not glow.


They also appear in Mario 3D World as enemies. However, since it does not have the same gameplay as Galaxy games, they have a different strategy. In this game, they appear in groups of 3-5 and follow you. If you stand still, they will surround you and you will instantly shrink to small form, no matter what form you are in now. They will then vanish. To avoid getting attacked, you must use a cape spin, which will knock the ball of gas out of them. They will fall to the ground as lifeless stars while the ball of gas will float there. Cape spin the gas and both it and the Haluma's body will vanish. In this game, they are known as Jack-O-Lumas.


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