Halo Prime is the title to a video game that is a crossover of the Metroid Prime and Halo franchises featuring playing as both Samus Aran and Master Chief .


Wii U

Xbox 360


Playable Characters

Samus Aran

Biography: Samus is a bounty hunter that works for the Galactic Federation. This time around she is sent to investigate the sighting of a ship. On it she is attacked by her archenemy Ridley and his men but she drives them off. Inside of the ship she finds Master Chief cryogenically frozen and releases him. Not knowing what's going on Master Chief runs away. When Samus tells her superiors about what happened she is sent to capture Master Chief.

Theme Song: Everything Burns

-Watch the music video at

Master Chief

Biography: Master Chief was on his ship when it was suddenly attacked by the criminal named Davik . During the fight Davik threw Master Chief into a cryochamber freezing him for a thousand years. Master Chief is awakened by the bounty hunter Samus Aran. Scared Master Chief runs off to try and figure out about what happened. Samus is sent to capture him as he searches for answers and then Davik.

Theme Song: Stand My Ground

-Watch the video at



Biography: A criminal that Master Chief had chased for a long time. The two fought on Master Chief's ship where Davik thrust Master Chief into a cryochamber for one thousand years. After being freed on accident by Samus Aran, Master Chief hunts for answers and eventually finds out that Davik is still alive and later learns that he was and early SPARTAN experiment.


Biography: Ridley is Samus Aran's archenemy that tried to steal Master Chief from his ship but was stopped by Samus Aran who then freed Master Chief. It turns out that Ridley is allied with the man who had cryogenically frozen Master Chief, the criminal known as Davik.

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