Halloween Spirit (Fantendo no Imouto)
Full Name Halloween Spirit
Current Age 459
Date of Birth October 31
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Gender Male
Species Spirit (previously Human)
Location Fantengoku High
Family and Relations
Victor (son)
365 daughters
First Appearance Fantendo no Imouto
Latest Appearance Fantendo no Imouto

The Halloween Spirit is a character in Fantendo no Imouto, and the father of Victor and all of the students in the school.


The Halloween Spirit was born as the son of a powerful spirit sometime in the 16th century. Through a "fight to the death" competition with his 364 siblings, his father eventually chose him as his successor and granted him the full abilities of a spirit. The trials he had been put through, however, had been emotionally scarring and he grew to resent his father. Upon receiving his powers, he left and became a wanderer; during his travels, he helped spread the holiday of Halloween and found a new purpose for himself, gaining the name of the Halloween Spirit.

After 440 years, the Halloween Spirit realized he would have to ensure his own successor if he were ever to pass peacefully into the afterlife. He had 365 children, one per day of the year, to maximize the potential for magically gifted children (as magic works on a 365-day cycle). However, on the 28th of June one of his many mistresses conceived two twins, Victor and Victoria, a previously undocumented event in the history of spirit-kind.

Resolving to avoid the bloodshed of his father's trials, he instead created Fantengoku High, where his successor would be selected based on their ability to help and coexist with others, rather than their ability to advance themselves at the expense of others. He began to, one by one, send his children (most of whom had seen no interaction with each other and in fact were unaware of the existence of any more siblings) to the school.

Fantendo no Imouto

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The Halloween Spirit possesses a large number of magical abilities, some of which he inherited from his father but most of which he developed himself during his 440 years of wandering, which are generally themed around Halloween.

Many of these spells are inherited by his children, with varying degrees of obviousness (some have subtle, subconscious magical effects while others can actively cast spells).