Hallowarena is a 1999 competitive 2.5D fighting game for the Nintendo 64, Dreamcast and Playstation. With its premise revolving around the theme of Halloween and mythical cultures.


The player competes in a 1-9 series of one-on-one matches against a series of CPU's or another player. Each player will have a Health Pumpkin starting with 16 Seeds, which are divided around the pumpkin into 16 sections. Items may fall from the stage in the background to be used, these can inflict damage on other or increase or decrease the amount of Segment Seeds. The maximum amount of Segment Seeds achievable is 25.


In total there are 16 characters to choose from, all with their unique appearances and fighting styles based on their spooky nature.

Image Name Based on Fighting Style Description
Jacque Living Jack-o-lantern. Limb Smash The pumpkin smashing chef Jacque has sailed across the channel to get his revenge on Brits, head and shin smashing his a nack to revealing infuriating burning rage.


In 1654 Cromwell era Britain, witch-accusing traditions are at their high. But this was all to end as a pumpkin-shaped meteorite wrecking Britain into a barren wasteland. This was more than a meteorite, it gave off toxic "Neurowaves" to attract the worlds scariest and toughest fighters to the almost-apocalyptic wasteland to fight to the death under influence of the foreign anti-Pagan Halloween fighting tradition. The curse is set as the combatants have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide on Halloween Night.


  • There are 16 seeds as according to the developers research is the average number of lines on a pumpkin is 16. But was changed to Segment Seeds to sound more meaningful and interesting.
  • It was one of the largest games on the system, being one of the few games to use a 512MB cartridge.

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