Half-Life 3
Half-Life 3 Logo
Half-Life 3's Logo
Developer(s) Darklight Studios 3
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Visus Sphere, PC
Age Rating(s)
OFLC M rating
Genre(s) Action-Adventure, First-Person Shooter
Series Half-Life
Predecessor Half-Life 2: Frozen End
Half-Life 3 is an upcoming sequel to the Half-Life Series it is set approximately 45 days after Half-Life 2: Frozen End and is the final Entry in the franchise. The game once again has the player control Gordon Freeman whose name has since become known as the Saviour of Humanity due to him eliminating the threat of the Combine from Earth once and for all. However it appears as though the Combine are planning to launch a final last ditch effort to enslave the human race. However Gordon Freeman is believed to be dead and where the future lies for humanity could be jeopardized.


Gordon Freeman wakes up to find himself inside a small building finding his HEV-Suit has been removed as well as his glasses missing (likely due to being broken) he struggles to get up out of the bed he's in only to stumble onto the floor. A woman enters the building helping Freeman back up and tries to speak with him although speaks Russian and thus Freeman can't understand her, Freeman looks around and sees a piece of paper and a pencil on the table next to his bed and attempts to draw a picture of glasses, the woman pauses watching what Freeman draws and understanding his request she leaves the building. As she exits, Freeman hears a howling wind coming from outside signifying that he's still far north and likely in some sort of snowstorm.

The woman shortly returns with a pair of glasses and a man, the woman hands Freeman the glasses allowing him to see clearly. Freeman looks up to see who the man is and is somewhat startled to see G-Man standing before him. G-Man in Russian dismisses and thanks the woman for tending to Freeman before sitting down next to Gordon to talk.


The game functions identically to previous games the player controls Gordon Freeman from a first person perspective using various weapons to defeat enemies in a 3D First-Person Shooter Environment along with using jumping and sprinting techniques to traverse platforming sections. In addition the player can pick up small objects (larger objects as well with the Improved HEV-Suit) to solve a variety of Physics Puzzles including Weight Puzzles, Stacking, Manipulating Gravity and changing State of Matter.

The player is able to use a variety of weapons for combat as mentioned before, while most weapons remain in the previous style of older games being accessed through sub-menus, explosives and thrown items are now thrown with the Alt-Fire Attack although holding this Button/Key will do other things with certain weapons such as holding one's breath with the Sniper Rifle.

Chapter Synopsis

Chapter 1: Return of The Saviour

After recovering from his injuries, Gordon Freeman is informed by G-Man about the impending attack on Earth by the Combine and informs the player that they need to make progress to a teleporting station south of the village he's currently in to return to White Forest where the rest of the Resistance has regrouped.

Chapter 2: 45 Days

Gordon Freeman having returned to the White Forest surprises many by still being alive after the Borealis collapsed. Quickly regrouping with Alyx and Dr. Kleiner along with the rest of the resistance, Freeman is re-equipped with a somewhat Battle Damaged HEV Suit, although Mossman informs Freeman that she is working on a new HEV Suit to replace his old one. Alyx informs Freeman about the events of the past 45 days and that they were tracking for signals in space after a note was left for Kleiner supposedly by Eli.

Chapter 3: The World Turns Face

In an attempt to contact the recovering UN, Gordon Freeman, Alyx and Dr. Mossman fly over to New York although are downed by an ambush attack from surviving Combine Forces. Freeman, Alyx and Mossman must then fight their way through a rural area to reach the last great American City. Through this chapter Gordon acquires a buggy from one of the Resistance Outposts in the area and the three make quick progress along distant tracks of land.

Chapter 4: Battle of New York

Arriving in New York, Gordon and the others find that aside from the city's already heavy damage it is under invasion from the Combine. Dr. Mossman tells Gordon that she needs him to get into the bottom level of the World Trade Center as there is said to be a way to stop alien invasions kept at the bottom of the building. Alyx and Dr. Mossman begin to head off through some rubble telling Gordon that they're going to see if the Resistance HQ in New York is still standing and will try to keep in touch with Gordon chucking him a Earpiece to listen over. Gordon then begins his progression through the war-torn city towards the World Trade Center.

Chapter 5: Secret of Egypt

Finding evidence at the bottom of the World Trade Center that a secret weapon was built beneath the great pyramids in case of a returning attack from the Combine, Gordon Freeman and Alyx leave Dr. Mossman and the rest of the New York division of the Resistance ot head to Egypt to rendevouz with their Cairo base, however after being gunned down by a combine Gunship, Alyx and Gordon are seperated and Gordon must traverse the sandy ruins surrounding the great pyramids to meet with the team that was supposed to meet them both outside the Pyramids.

Chapter 6: The Buried Portal

After activating the Cannon of Ra the Combine have begun to retreat however determined to prevent the Combine's return, Dr. Magnusson has a personal carrier pick Gordon and Alyx up bringing them to Beijing where the Beijing division of their team had been working on a new teleporter to get them on the ship however it seems that Beijing has been compromised and Gordon and Alyx must hurry before the new Teleporter is destroyed.

Chapter 7: Armada of the Damned

After teleporting upon the mother ship of the Combine Gordon and Alyx strategically work their way through the mother ship, frequently splitting up. By keeping in touch with Dr. Kleiner the two find that they will need to take down whatever is connected to the main computer of the ship to get to the Combine Homeworld.

Chapter 8: Orange Skies

Arriving on the Combine Homeworld, Gordon and Alyx find the Combine and their people to be afraid of Gordon locking them out of the Combine Hub. Alyx informs Gordon that they need to find a way into the city and seek the head Advisors and stop them. Traversing through the incredibly alien and bizarre Combine Homeworld Alyx notes the many curiosities of the land as they attempt to find a weakness in the shield while simultaneously avoiding detection.

Chapter 9: Seated Council


Chapter 10: Ancient Scriptures


Chapter 11: Faith Lost


Chapter 12: The Planet Eater Cometh


Chapter 13: Battle for The Combine


Chapter 14: Allied Under Fear


Chapter 15: Last District


Chapter 16: Hopes of the Fallen


Chapter 17: Servant of a Demon


Chapter 18: The Last Chance


Chapter 19: Building the Ark Pt. I


Chapter 20: Building the Ark Pt. II


Chapter 21: Building the Ark Pt. III


Chapter 22: Building the Ark Pt. IV


Chapter 23: Building the Ark Pt. V


Chapter 24: Building the Ark Pt. VI


Chapter 25: The Lies of My Heart


Chapter 26: Flood Cometh


Chapter 27: The Eyes of Death


Chapter 28: Final Showdown



There are a variety of Weapons in Half-Life 3, Bolded Text indicates new Weapons. Weapons are obtained throughout the chapters and are generally a primary factor in how the level they are obtained in plays out.

Weapon Weapon Type Chapter Obtained
Combat Knife Melee Chapter 1
Crowbar Melee Chapter 2
Electro-Magnetic Hammer Melee Chapter 6
Gravity Gun Special Chapter 13
Polarizing Gun Special Chapter 15
Thermal Gun Special Chapter 22
Grapple Gun Special Chapter 24
Beta Particle Destabilizer Special Chapter 26
Cell Degeneration Cannon Special Chapter 28
9mm Pistol Small Firearms Chapter 2
.357 Magnum Small Firearms Chapter 1
Combine Gatherer Small Firearms Chapter 10
MP7 Auto Firearms Chapter 4
Tau Cannon Auto Firearms Chapter 17
Gemini Blitzer Auto Firearms Chapter 12
Sub-Machine Gun Auto Firearms Chapter 6
Normandy Tri-Laser Auto Firearms Chapter 23
Shotgun Manual Weapons Chapter 5
Sniper Rifle Manual Weapons Chapter 20
Crossbow Manual Weapons Chapter 16
Combine Harvester Manual Weapons Chapter 11
Nightingale Missile Cannon Explosive Weapons Chapter 17
Grenade Launcher Explosive Weapons Chapter 9
Rocket Launcher Explosive Weapons Chapter 12
Lambda Bomber Cannon Explosive Weapons Chapter 26


Enemy First Chapter Appearance
Barnacle Chapter 1
Headcrab Chapter 1
Headcrab Zombie Chapter 2
Headcrab Dog Chapter 2
Headcrab Falcon Chapter 3
Fast Headcrab Chapter 3
Fast Headcrab Zombie Chapter 3
Fast Headcrab Dog Chapter 4
Poisonous Headcrab Chapter 3
Poisonous Headcrab Zombie Chapter 3
Terran Headcrab Chapter 4
Terran Headcrab Zombie Chapter 4
Combine Survivor Chapter 2
Helichaser Chapter 2
Stalker Chapter 2
Armoured Stalker Chapter 6
Manhack Chapter 1
Hopper Mine Chapter 3
Combine Soldier Chapter 4
Combine Guard Chapter 4
Combine Officer Chapter 4
Combine Commander Chapter 5
Combine Elite Chapter 6
Combine Lieutenant Chapter 8
Combine Master Chapter 10
Hunter Chapter 4
Heavy Hunter Chapter 6
Alpha Hunter Chapter 9
Crab Synth Chapter 5
Hornet Synth Chapter 5
Dropship Chapter 4
Strider Chapter 6
Armoured Strider Chapter 8
Laser Cannon Strider Chapter 9
Gunship Chapter 5
Heavy Gunship Chapter 6
Gun Drop Ship Chapter 9
Cyborg Vortigaunt Chapter 6
Cyborg Commander Vortigaunt Chapter 7
Cyborg Lieutenant Vortigaunt Chapter 7
Cyborg Master Vortigaunt Chapter 8
Scarab Chapter 5
Scarab Hunter Chapter 5
Scarab Ancient Chapter 5
Pyramid Colossus Chapter 5
Bolingang Chapter 6
Quingda Bolingang Chapter 6
Congming Bolingang Chapter 6
Kanging Bolingang Chapter 6
Cosmic Eel Chapter 7
Sub-Sonic Cosmic Eel Chapter 7
Setud Chapter 8
Red Setud Chapter 8
Oje Setud Chapter 8
Horned Setud Chapter 10
Mor Setud Chapter 11
Merhum Chapter 8
Stor Merhum Chapter 10
Plasma Merhum Chapter 11
Kopedder Chapter 10
Beharet Kopedder Chapter 11
Mork Kopedder Chapter 11
Planet Eater Spawn Chapter 12
Planet Eater Tendrils Chapter 12
Planet Eater Seeker Chapter 25
Planet Eater Zombie Chapter 26
Planet Eater Elite Chapter 27
Jerthond Cultist Chapter 16
Jerthond Cultist Leader Chapter 17
Jerthond Elder Chapter 17
Nadbr Vaesan Chapter 19
Aske Nadbr Vaesan Chapter 20
Kul Nadbr Vaesan Chapter 21
Sol Nadbr Vaesan Chapter 22
Faniskud Chapter 23
Haj Faniskud Chapter 24






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