You may be looking for Hades (Disney) or Johnathon Hades.


Hades, Lord of the Underworld

Do not resist me. Malacoda has failed so many times. I'm the true lord of the fires of the Malebolge!

Hades is the lord of the shadows. He is a dark lord intending on dethroning Lucifer, the lord of the Netherworld. In the English version of Super Princess Peach RPG: Shadow of the Organization, he is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.

Appearance and Personality

Hades wears a dragon's skull and wings. He wears boots that have blood drenched on them. Hades looks like an eighteen year-old man with powers that no one knows of.

Hades is cruel, sadistic, and all around: pure evil. He has no regard for mortals or vampires. His intents also make him extremely disturbing and feared by many.


Hades was born from an inferno millions of years before the game's events. He was assigned to the demon king Lucifer as his servant.

Hades was imprisoned in an orb as a result of his powers growing too much.

Hades isn't seen until after Princess Peach foils Dr. Lugae's plot of draining all the magic from the world. Peach finds the orb in the middle of an ancient ruin. Peach is stricken with an illness as a result of reawakening Hades. Peach eventually dies as a result of the illness. Peach is possessed by Hades as a result of the curse.

Cloud Strife, Squall Leonhart, Wander, and Basch fon Rosenburg chase Hades into the Malebranche dungeon. After a battle with a monster, the four heroes see Peach's body under Hades' control. After a long battle, Hades is killed.


Hades takes his name from the god of the underworld in Greek mythology.


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