Hades (SSBV)HadesHeadSSBV
SSB Kid Icarus Series
Hades, Lord of the Underworld!
Universe Kid Icarus
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances Newcomer
Availability Starter
Final Smash Devastation Ensemble

Hades (ハデス, Hadesu) appears as a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. V, revealed in a reveal trailer along with Magnus after the Kid Icarus: Eminence trailer on February 1, 2019.

At first glance, Hades is shown to be a mischievous, manipulative trickster. When engaging in conversation, his tone is playfully dull, yet brimming with sarcasm and cruelty. He has a sense of showmanship, using a combination of witty remarks and belittling insults when talking to and about others. He also has a bit of a flirtatious side, constantly making unwanted passes and flattering remarks to and about all the female characters. Hades is considerably arrogant, brushing off any matter as no importance.

However, his nonchalant demeanor belies his true dark and destructive personality. At his core, Hades is a merciless psychopath with an utter disregard for life. His lust for killing makes him seem completely unconcerned when his commanders fall in battle, stating that his army is too stupid to have an actual ranking, and has no problem killing off Medusa when she interferes during Hades' final battle against Pit. He also sees souls as nothing more than either as materials to create his monsters or a means of empowering nourishment, indifferent to the fact that his action is upsetting the natural balance of the world due to his selfish greed and hunger. Hades also is not a completely loyal team player, as displayed when despite setting aside his hostility to combat the Aurum, he sent out Mimicuties to hinder Pit's progress.

Despite all his malicious tendencies, he does have a genuine sense of humor and enjoys telling jokes and making puns at even the most odd or inappropriate of times. He also shows genuine respect for Pit as a worthy adversary, holding no grudge against Pit after the latter killed him and destroyed his body, and even complimented his abilities, albeit still throwing a few nasty remarks in his direction.

Hades is confirmed to have no alternate costume.

For his appearance in SSBV, he retains his voice actors from his games, S. Scott Bullock and Hōchū Ōtsuka in Japanese.




Very agile for his size


Somewhat Floaty

Super Armor


Large hitbox

Lag on quite a few of his moves

Somewhat Floaty


Hades clearly has been scaled down and he looks pretty believable at this size. He is very quick for his size and weight. He isn’t incredibly fast but he isn’t slow either. He has some really powerful moves but the downside is that most have quite the lag on them. His aerials are pretty reliable and he has a lot of KO options. He’s pretty floaty which can be good or bad. His special moves are very good as well. He does NOT function similarly to Ganondorf at all. He definitely feels like a new character and aggressive players that love strong super armored attacks will really like Hades.


Ground Attacks

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack 2%, 2%, 6%, 1% (loop), 2.5% (last) Punches with right, then left, then a power punch or a flurry of punches ending with a power punch.
Neutral Combo
Dash Attack 15% (clean), 11% (late) Hades slams his shoulders forward while saying “Whoops!”.
Forward Tilt 13% Chops forward. Super Armor.
Up Tilt 10% Shoots a mini laser upwards from his eyes.
Down Tilt 14%-11% Slams his fist on the ground as a dark fire spreads out.
Forward Smash 18% Hades chops both hands forward. During the charge, his hands glow white as he has them to his sides. Super Armor.
Up Smash 17% Hades slashes claw upward.
Down Smash 20%-16% Hades slams his fist down hard on the ground creating a powerful shockwave. Super Armor.

Aerial Attacks

Name Damage Description
Neutral Aerial 13% (clean), 10% (late) Hades does a heavy spin kick.
Forward Aerial 13% Hades swipes claws forward. High critical hit chance.
Back Aerial 15% Hades hits a backhand. Good KO power.
Up Aerial 4% (early hits), 2% (middle hits), 1% (later hits), 2% (latest hits)12% Hades looks upwards and shoots a mini tornado of darkness from his eyes with similar properties as Megaman’s Air Shooter.
Down Aerial 18% Hades drops both feet down with force initiating a meteor smash on contact.

Grabs and Throws

Name Damage Description
Pummel 3% *Grabs with one hand, short-medium range* Chokes opponent.
Forward Throw 2% (throw), 8% (blast) Throws opponent forward then sends a darkness blast at them.
Back Throw 2% (throw), 7% (kick) Throws opponent behind him then kicks them.
Up Throw Up You Go! 13% Tosses opponent upwards while saying, “Up you Go!”. Can KO pretty early.
Down Throw 6% Slams opponent down as they bounce up leading to a possible follow up.


Name Damage Description
Floor Attack (front) 7% Hades swipes around while saying “Get outta here!”
Floor Attack (back) 7% Hades swipes around while saying “Get outta here!”
Floor Attack (trip) 6% Hades swipes around while saying “Get outta here!”
Edge Attack 6% Hades gets up attacking while laughing.

Special Attacks

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Lasers and Orbs Laser: 15%, Shadow Orb: 11% Hades says "I don't have anything funny for this one" as he fires a laser from his palm, aiming at the ground and dragging it along for a bit before the attack ends. Requires time to charge before it can be used again; if the player does not charge fully, Hades fires a slow moving orb from his palm instead, saying "This is for YOU, Mr. Impatient". The orb has more knockback than the laser but the laser has more damage and pierces through opponents. They both do a set amount of damage. The shadow orb can be used to pressure the opponent while the laser can be used to rack up damage as the charge time is pretty fast.
Alternate 1 There You Go! 4% (shake total damage), 10% (throw) Hades’s hand begins to be shrouded with a dark aura as he charges up a dark aura. When its fully charge he reaches at the opponent shakes them then tosses them forward with all his might while saying “There you go!”. It can be evaded and shielded and Hades can be reflected backwards. The move has a ton of knockback and can kill lighter fighters at as little as 84%, of course the fact that it’s almost easy to evade makes up for this.
Alternate 2 Let Me Fix You Up! 18% Hades pops out a drill like object from his chest while saying “Let me fix you up!”, which stays out for a short period of time. He can move around with the drill in his chest. When the drill makes contact with an opponent it literally drills them up and deals heavy knockback and damage and is a good KO move. It breaks shields on contact and the only way to escape is pretty much to jump and run till it goes back. When the drill goes back it can’t be used for a good amount of time. All moves and projectiles are blocked out by the drill.
Side Special Showmanship 8% Hades says "I have something to show you!" and begins spinning in place, creating a dark tornado that can be slowly maneuvered left or right. While slow, the vertical range of the tornado is HUGE.
Alternate 1 Leaping Ability 12% Hades leaps forward taking a huge step on anything he makes contact with while exclaiming “This is my Leaping Ability!. Deals massive damage and knockback. Occasionally grounds opponents. Can be used to recover and if it hits an opponent in midair on the bottom of the foot, they are meteor smashed. The move has Super Armor.
Alternate 2 Catch Me If You Can! Hades becomes encloaked in a dark aura and moves in direction inputted while exclaiming “Catch me if you can!”. The distance he goes depends on how long its charged. It’s a move only used for dodging purposes as he’s invincible during the animation and he can act out of it very quickly. You don’t go very far uncharged. Can be used to recover.
Up Special Slam Dunk 14% Hades teleports straight up a set distance, before shooting downward at a very narrow angle while saying “Slam Dunk!”. Though there is almost no horizontal movement, if Hades manages to hit an opponent while falling, the enemy will be spiked to the ground, and Hades will launch himself off the opponent, and regain his air jump as well.
Alternate 1 I Can Fly Too! 2% Hades flies straight up, slightly horizontally, while covered in a dark aura exclaiming that He Can Fly Too. Good range and does small damage.
Alternate 2 I Call This Magic! Hades warps very similar to Palutena while saying “I call this Magic!”. He’s invincible during and after the warp.
Down Special Looking Tasty! 11% (spit damage) After pausing to say "You look awful tasty!", Hades begins sucking air into his belly (similar to Kirby and Dedede), drawing in anything in front of him. The range of his suction is greater than either Kirby or Dedede's, and Hades can draw in more than one player, and can even swallow items; however the range and suction decreases the longer the attack is held and the more stuff Hades swallows, to the point that an enemy literally has to be in Hades' face in order for him to swallow them. When the player stops holding the B button, Hades stops sucking and everything that went into his gullet is shot out at a downward angle behind him, sending players skidding along the ground and items bouncing everywhere. Hades cannot immediately start swallowing again at maximum range; instead he must catch his breath and wait a while before he gets maximum range with his suction again.
Alternate 1 Don't Even Try! 17% (direct contact), 13% (shock wave) Pretty much just a counter. Hades attacks back at the opponent with a powerful darkness chop while exclaiming, “Don’t Even Try!"
Alternate 2 Ha! Ha! Ha! 1.4x damage (reflected projectiles) Hades puffs up his chest while doing an evil laugh. His chest becomes hard enough to reflect projectiles and attacks.
Final Smash Devastation Ensemble Projectile Show MaxImum Damage: 50%, Dark Energy Spears: 25% Hades glows dark for a bit, Hades says "I only wear this on special occasions", and then projectiles begin firing from his body in random directions. The projectiles do little damage, have no knock-back, and are really, really small, but there is a ton of them. Occasionally slightly larger projectiles will fire that do more damage, and very rarely, a laser will fire. Hades can move and attack while this happens. Eventually, Hades will double over (as if in pain) and the screen will zoom in on him as he says "That was very naughty of you!" At this point, dark spears of energy will fly from Hades and seek the nearest enemy, exploding when they hit the ground or a person. This ends his Final Smash.

Animations and Misc.


About the same height as Ganondorf.


SIDE - Hades looks at the player and says "You better not let me get hit."

UP - Charges up surrounded by a dark aura saying, “On to Death!”

DOWN - Hades begins charging his super laser, but stops and says "Just kidding."

Character Selection Screen Animation

Hades is seen laughing.

On Screen Appearance

Emerges from a hole of darkness and charges up a dark aura.

Victory Animations

Hades puts his hand on his face in disappointment while asking “Was that all you could do, really?” (sometimes if he wins against Palutena or Pit, he’ll say "You should be ashamed oh dear Pitty-Pat.” or “You should be ashamed, pretty Palutena.”) then gets in a pose similar to his artwork.

Hades walks forward and says "Well, that didn't go very well...FOR YOU!". Then bursts out into laughter.

Hades is seen laughing then he charges up a dark aura.

Losing Animation

Hades is seen sitting, arms folded.

Crowd Cheer

“Ha - des!”

Victory Theme

Flourished remix of the War’s End/Hades Battle theme from Kid Icarus Uprising. Key point is the 1:13-1:23 mark.

Fighting Stance

Stands almost similarly to Luigi with a bit of Ganondorf.

Idle Poses

Looks at forearm.

Stomps on the ground while laughing.


Walks forward in a comedic manner.


A quite comedic run.

Palette Swaps and Alternate Costume w/Palette Swap


Color Origin/Description
Default Purple Hades's regular appearance
Second Red Based of Pyrrhon's appearance
Third Black Somewhat based of Dark Pit's coloration
Fourth Green Somewhat based off Palutena's coloration
Fifth White Based off the opposite element to the element Hades is usually associated with, Light.
Sixth Blue Based of Pandora's coloration
Locked First Yellow A yellow/gold coloration of Hades
Locked Second Black and White A black and white coloration of Hades

Reveal Trailer

Forces of Might

The Reveal Trailer begins showing a figure crouching on the ground looking at something. It is revealed that Fox is watching the figure from afar. The figure appears to have begun movement away from the area. At that moment Fox whispers to someone that is revelead to be Pit that they can approach the figure. Suddenly, they get ambushed by Twinbellows at that very moment and the figure comes to their rescue and makes quick work of Twinbellows. Fox and Pit take their hands away from their eyes and come face to face with the figure who is revealed to be Magnus. Magnus puts his sword down and says, "Angel Boy! I see you've, uh...made a new friend?". Then comes the promo - "Magnus brings the Might!". Pit then tells Magnus how glad he is to see him. Fox then proceeds to introduce himself. Magnus then says "Yeah, there's no time for introductions. I was told about some strange happenings going on around here and I decided to come see what was going on." Fox and Pit then tell him that that's exactly why they were there in the first place. Pit then states that they were not expecting any enemies. Then Magnus tells them he was stalking a figure that appeared to be Hades. Pit, surprised, says that there's no way that Hades has shrunk and that he was defeated by him. Magnus then tells them that he thought the same and tells them to follow him as he knows where he was headed. As they're walking in a forest they then hear sudden loud footsteps behind them. They turn to see a figure smiling, eyes shaded out. Fox then takes out his blaster and begins to fire at the figure. The figure steps out completely taking in all the shots and is revealed to Hades smiling. Hades then laughs and asks what that was supposed to be and he goes into a laughing fit as the 3 look on. At that point, Palutena begins to speak to Pit, telling him that she's going to take on Hades herself and at point she warps to the scene. Hades then says, "You're here as well, Pretty Palutena?". Palutena then says that she has no clue how he's resurrected and she makes a joke about how he's shrunk to a lower height. This sends Hades into a rage and charges up a dark aura and then comes the promo - "Hades, The Lord of the Underworld!". Palutena then tells the other 3 to stand back as she's going to take on Hades herself, Pit, weaponless, and Fox decide to stand back but Magnus steps forward and says that there's no way he's gonna watch. At that point, Hades charges at them, then Palutena and Magnus proceed.

Then comes the gameplay. Hades and Magnus are shown using various of their attacks while voice overs of Pit, Fox, Palutena, Hades, and Magnus are being played. Their palette swaps are also shown off in this portion and thier final smashes are then shown off. The post-trailer scene shows Hades in the background with his arms folded while looking up at the sky while Pit, Palutena, Magnus, and Fox are seen sitting down looking pretty tired. After the trailer gameplay of a match between Pit, Magnus, Fox, and Ganondorf on the new stage Zodiac Chamber is shown off revealing the stage.