Editing can help, but also ruin...
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Hacked Out
Broadcaster(s) Cartoon Network
Genre(s) Action/Adventure/Comedy
First Air Date(s)
November 21st, 2014
Country of Origin America, Japan, Europe, Australia, Mexico
Original Language English, Japanese, Spanish
Season(s) 1,2,3,4,5
Episodes 25 for each season
Runtime 22 minutes each episode
Status Airing
 "Hacked Out" is a TV series aired on Cartoon Network. It was aired November 21st, 2014. The series has partnered with Nintendo, Sega, Microsoft, Sony, Capcom, and more. The series stars actors such as Charles Martinet, Adam West, Jackie Buscarnio, and TJ Miller. It's about a girl whose was transported into a game with her brother and his obnoxious friend that turns out to be a utopia of videogame stars. However, when terrible things start to happen, the three must team up with some of gaming's best (and worst) to take down the threat.


Peyton Virrank is a teenage girl who lives with her uncle and her brother. She's a smart girl, and is going into college eventually. She is also a videogame designer, remodeling games and even making her own