HYPER is a unique racing game made by Fandraxonian Enterprises and is made by the employees Crimson and Ice being made for the Wii U. Unlike most Wii U games, this game requires more than one Wii U gamepad in multiplayer.  This game can hold up from 1-10 players per race. 
Developer(s) Fandraxonian Enterprise
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Racing
Series HYPER


The gameplay of Hyper is very unique compared to other racing games.  Unlike most tracks in the Mario Kart franchise and similar games, you don't loop your way around tracks in the forms of laps.  Most tracks are to the point where they're interactive, often having events happening at various points in them.

There's not only normal racing, but there's also a survival mode.  Like in F-Zero, if you fall off the track or go too far off course, you automatically lose and cannot come back on track.  Last one standing is the victor of these tracks.

About the game's speed, you go really fast, obviously not to the point where you're uncontrollable but it gives you the sensation that you're moving very fast.  In fact, the fast paced movement of the game is what gave it its name, Hyper.

There are no items in the game, but there are still mechanics that will place you ahead of the game.  There are boosts that you can earn from preforming tricks off ramps and good performance.  Boosts are placed in a meter that stands on the bottom right corner of your screen.  The meter will give you a boost, which can give you a speed boost or a weapon, but it really depends on the player's chosen character.  Despite this, if you are preforming terrible on the course or if you're crashing, you'll lose meter boosts.  The meter goes up to a score of 20, and the meter's displays are shown below:

  • 1-5 - Small Boost
  • 6-10 - Medium boost
  • 11-15 - Big Boost
  • 16-20 - HUGE Boost

All characters have hooks.  They can grapple on walls and turn you around on the course to make up for the enormous amount of speed that makes turning difficult.  Hooks can be used to grab on to opponents and drag onto them.  If the opponent stops, you'll fly forward really quickly.

There are many characters in Hyper.  Try out each one and see how they play for yourself.