HS Project: Modern Apocalyptic Gaming Session is a Homestuck danmaku because Leet really wants one but it doesn't exist so he's just making a page on a Nintendo Fanon Wiki instead?

Stages and Bosses


  1. John's House/Dad
  2. Land of Wind and Shade/Clubs Deuce
  3. Land of Light and Rain/Hearts Boxcars
  4. Land of Heat and Clockwork/Diamonds Droog
  5. Land of Frost and Frogs/Spades Slick
  6. Skaia/Bec Noir
  7. Felt Mansion/Lord English (extra - complete the game without using a continue)


  1. Rose's House/Mom
  2. Land of Light and Rain/Clubs Deuce
  3. Land of Heat and Clockwork/Hearts Boxcars
  4. Land of Frost and Frogs/Diamonds Droog
  5. Land of Wind and Shade/Spades Slick
  6. Skaia/Bec Noir
  7. The Outer Ring/Horrorterror (extra - complete game on normal or higher without using continues)


  1. Dave's House/Bro
  2. Land of Heat and Clockwork/Clubs Deuce
  3. Land of Frost and Frogs/Hearts Boxcars
  4. Land of Wind and Shade/Diamonds Droog
  5. Land of Light and Rain/Spades Slick
  6. Skaia/Bec Noir
  7. SWEET BRO AND HELLA JEFF/Geromy (extra - complete the game on Hard or higher without using continues)


  1. Jade's House/Bec
  2. Land of Frost and Frogs/Clubs Deuce
  3. Land of Wind and Shade/Hearts Boxcars
  4. Land of Light and Rain/Diamonds Droog
  5. Land of Heat and Clockwork/Spades Slick
  6. Skaia/Bec Noir
  7. The Green Sun/Andrew Hussie (extra - complete the game on Trickster without using continues)


See the script page.

Strife Cards

  • John
    • Hammerkind - Warhammer of Zillyhoo
    • Chaotic Lad Scramble
  • Rose
    • Thornkind - Gouging of the Zoologically Dubious
    • Deadly Youth Roll
  • Dave
    • Swordkind - Hurricane of Shitty Katanas
    • Forgotten Hobby ~ Camera Flash
  • Jade
    • Riflekind - Green Sun Streetsweeper
    • Dangerous Lass Scamper
  • Dad
    • Confectionery Assault ~ Icing Wave
    • Guardian Rubric ~ Coddlebrand
  • Mom
    • Guardian Rubric ~ Ironic Indulgence: A Beautiful Pony
    • Guardian Rubric ~ Ironic Negligence
  • Bro
    • Cal's Gorgeous Eyes ~ Puppet Dance
    • Stair Pattern Manifesto
  • Bec
    • Reality Warper: Bullet Weave
    • Teleport Spam ~ Crescendo of Green


  • Rather than flying around the screen making bullets like all of the other bosses, Lord English and Horrorterror are too big, so they stay at the top of the screen emitting attacks from their hands/tentacles and mouths.

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