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HGSS: Johto Adventure is a fan-fic created by me, RedYoshi (tbc). Only I may edit this and the chapters. This series is based on the games Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver Versions.

Main Characters

Ethan Goldman


Ethan is a major main character of the series. His hometown is in New Bark Town, Johto. After gaining permission from his mother, he set out on a Pokémon journey in the Johto region. He aims to be the Johto Pokémon League Champion. His Johto starter is Cyndaquil.

Lyra Soulstice


Ethan's childhood best friend, Lyra is a female Coordinator who also serves as Professor Elm's assistant. She uses a Marill as her main Pokémon. She and Ethan like to have "training battles" when they meet up. She has a Chikorita as her Johto starter.

Silver Cryster


Silver is considered the "main villain" of the series. He is a sworn enemy of Ethan as well as his rival. His (stolen) Johto starter is Totodile.

Professor Elm

Professor Elm

Prof. Elm gave Ethan and Lyra their first Pokémon. With a Totodile left, it was stolen from him by Silver. He seems to talk a lot, which is unusual.

Gyms & Their Leaders


Elite Four



After the second episode, the Fan-Fic was cancelled.

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