HELLFLAME is an umbrella game and remake of Hellfire Fighters 2: Dawn of Cipher, but as it's stand alone game. It will be made by Dark (tbc), Tyler (tbc)Taylor (tbc), White (tbc), Alice (tbc), and Fandro (tbc)



 Default Characters

Image Character Info Series
MarioMPSSC Mario As usual, Mario is the average, balanced character in the game. He can use power ups from Super Mario 3D World, such as the Super Bell and Clone Cherry, to attack.  Super Mario
Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Peach The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom returns to the fight.  She can use her parasol and vibe powers to battle. Super Mario
Bowser SSB4 Bowser The almighty Koopa King enters the battle, with nothing to spare!  He can use his flame attack and can use his shell in a variety of ways to destroy his opponents. Super Mario
Black panther Black Panther The king of Wakanda, Black Panther can use his vibranium claws to attack and is also a very swift fighter.  Marvel
Lg-thomas tcm657-94748 Thomas Thomas is a train.  He attacks by ramming into his opponents, and takes little damage.  However, he is extremely difficult to control. Thomas the Tank Engine
SMBZ Mario SMBZ Mario An alternate, more durable and powerful version of Mario from the famous sprite series Super Mario Bros. Z. He uses his punches, golden hammer, and powers, such as his pyrokinetics and flight via fire flower and cape respectively. Super Mario Bros Z
Waluigiwiiuassist Waluigi

Weren't expecting him? TOO BAD. WALUIGI TIME!! This purple-clad poopbutt can attack with his Tennis Racket, Bom-Ombs, and most importantly, and exploding Blue Shell.

Super Mario
Bond James Bond

Bond. James Bond. Agent 007 can attack with various spy gadgets, such as a lazer pen, a pistol, and a jetpack.

TOSLaval Laval

The prince of the Lion Tribe, this heroic lion has been trying to stop Cragger on many occasions! He can attack with his sword and his Speedorz, and can even power up with Chi!

BoomerangBird Keebs12 Also known as Booberang, Keebs is a pretty weak character. He is a cruel dictator who can force you to join him, insult you, and best of all, misspell words. Fantendo
Tom Nook Tom Nook The most filthy-stinking-rich tanooki you'll ever meet. He attacks with Bell bags, tools, and quick remarks. He may be small in stature, but he's a force to be reckoned with. Animal Crossing
PinkiePieHole Pinkie Pie Pinkie is the party pony of Ponyville! In fact, she's such a great party planner, she inspired Cheese Sandwich! Pinkie Pie attacks with her clones as well as defying physics. My Little Pony
SoraKH3 Sora The main hero of the Disney and Final Fantasy crossover series! Sora can use Keyblade-based attack, and can even jump high! He sometimes summons glitches from RE:Coded, which fall on the opponent he's facing. Kingdom Hearts
EmmetLEGOMovie Emmet Everyone's favorite Special joins the fight! He attacks with his pneumatic drill from work, and can build things, such as a Double-Decker Couch and a giant robot. LEGO 
Wyldstyle-1 Wyldstyle Emmet's friend, Wyldstyle (or Lucy), joins the fight! She uses her Masterbuilder skills, and can attack with a small version of her motorcycle, or use her Old West-styled car. LEGO 
Shikamaru Nara Shikamaru Shikamaru is a ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village, and uses his jutsus such as the Shadow Possession Jutsu to fight. Naruto
Alpha Alpha A user of TOME with many abilities based on greek gods, he uses these abilities during battle. He can also turn into Demon (?) Alpha, and attack people, but it hurts him as well. TOME
GameandWatchBell Mr. Game And Watch The only Nintendo mascot older than Donkey Kong. He attacks by using a bell, a chair, a frying pan, and a Game and Watch controller. He also attacks by turning into an octopus. Game And Watch
Shaquille-ONeal-CAVS-psd31437 Shakiel O'Neal It's game time! This guy is famous for his basketball skills, so he uses a basketball and a slam-dunk. He can also pass a ball really fast, which if it hits someone, they get knocked away. Real Life

Unlockable Characters

Image Character Info How to Unlock Series
DryBones SMB Dry Bones Dry Bones is Bowser's undead servant. He can role into a shell and grow wings, as well as regenerating. He can only be killed using projectile attacks. Kill 50 of them in Story Mode  Super Mario
Luigi SSB4 Luigi The second banana joins the fight! He can use his trusty Poltergust 3000, and he can use his various attacks from Smash Bros. Play as Mario in the first part of Story Mode. Super Mario
Rosalina ws Rosalina Everyone's favorite cosmic lady appears! She attacks with her magic wand, and can use her Luma to attack with! Battle Major Burrows as Mario, Peach, Luigi, Dry Bones, or Bowser in Story Mode. Super Mario
Ultima Kiruru Kiruru A crappy meme made by the devil. He doesn't attack well, and relies on dressing up as a giant monster to scare his opponents. Die 1 time. Fantendo


Rockoon The wisecracking hacker of TOME and former partner to the foulmouthed Doubling, Rockoon uses scratching and bombs to fight.  Win 50 Matches as Alpha TOME

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