There is no hope in defeating me, Jack!...I mean Jake! Seriously, who gave you such an uncreative name? ...You think my name is bad?? At least it's literal!!

HAX (reboot)
HAX, the ultimate threat to "The Game"
Full Name HAX
Current Age Unclear
Gender None; referred to as male
Species .exe
Location Unknown
Class Executable File
Family and Relations
Jake (Jake accidentally executed HAX)
Main Weapon(s) Hacks
Ability/ies Hacking computers; using digitalized elements
Sexuality are you kidding me
First Appearance HACKED

HAX is the main antagonist of the HACKED series, and is Jake's primary enemy in the series.  An executable file executed by Jake on the teen's birthday upon being sent by an unknown ally, it began wreaking havoc on the cyber world as soon as it was released.  HAX looks simple, being a cyborg made out of polygons, but each part of HAX contains different information that allows it to better remember its intents and carry them out, and is the source of all the Polygeno enemies introduced in HACKED.

Physical Description

HAX is a brown sphere with several polygons such as cubes and prisms of multiple colors revolving around his main body.  Sometimes he can move these polygons onto himself and turn into different shapes or forms, and can form himself to be a human shape.


HAX, unlike many files that Jake and Autores encounter in the cyber world, has a set personality, acting big, mean, and rather immature in a lot of ways, thinking that it is better than anything in the universe, and is never hesitant to put down those who think otherwise.


HAX's abilities are mostly unshown, but he can morph into several shapes to take on different enemies and he can use hack data to form platforms that hurt Jake on contact, but he can't keep the harmful effects for long.  He can use his multi-colored shapes to form elemental attacks that hurt harshly on contact.



Jake and HAX do not get along at all.  HAX thinks that Jake is stupid and weak, and often belittles him whenever they talk, and boasts about his abilities and how he thinks that Jake and Autores will never be able to defeat him, regardless of how many times they actually prevail.


  • HAX's name is a misnomer; HAX isn't a hack, but he's capable of hacking computers and the cyber world itself.