The game's logo
Developer(s) Amuza
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
April 2017
Genre(s) Adventure, RPG
Series HACKED (series)
Predecessor HACKED II (Fandro's Swap Game)

HACKED III is the unofficial sequel to HACKED, created for the second unofficial series swap day. The game was created by Vonn Karma (tbc) and will be released in April 2017.

The game plays similar to previous installments in which the player controls Jake and travels through dungeons, solves puzzles and fight bosses. It also takes place inside "The Game" like previous installments.


Jake is sitting at his desk and making his way into "The Game" once again when something goes wrong on the way in and Jake ends up being a glitch within "The Game", and he starts to corrupt the game.

The entire world changes whilst he is a glitch, and it risks becoming corrupted making everything within it being deleted. In his glitched form, Jake can't regularly exit "The Game" and he has to find his way to the Game Central Station to save the game and all his friends within the world.



  • Jake is the main protagonist of the game and the saviour of "The Game". He becomes a glitch within "The Game" and risks corrupting the system.
  • Autoresis one of Jake's long-time friends that accompanies him in getting out of "The Game". Autores is a pirate, who is quite poor and has to pickpocket people often.
  • Gilch
  • Yarris


Within "The Game" lies many different codes, that can help the player, similar to objects from previous installments. Each code lasts a temporary amount of time before it's effect wears off. They also all have a corresponding color that makes the player glow if they are using that code.

  • Java - The Java code glows green and boosts attack as well as granting the ability to shoot fire from the characters fingers.
  • Firewall - The Firewall glows red and boosts defense as well as granting the ability to create holographic walls that block enemy attacks.


  • Binary Bags: Taking place in Binary Bay from the original game, Binary Bags is the capital of "The Game". In it's glitched state, the small town turns into a world full of bags and typical contents within bags.


  • The Game Central Station that Jake tries to reach throughout the game is similar to the location of the same name in Wreck-It-Ralph.
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