Full Name H4X
Current Age 18
Date of Birth September 11
Gender Male
Species Human, H4X Human
Align Neutral
Robo-Resistance (former)
Robo-Apocalypse (current)
Main Weapon(s) PC Keyboard
Keyboard Pieces
Electric Cord
ESC Button Bombs
Ability/ies Graceful fighting ability
Binary shots
Great weapon wielder
Vulnerable To nearly everything
First Appearance H4X (game)
Latest Appearance Robo-Apocalypse 3: Fear of Children
H4X is a H4X Human character that debuted in the game, H4X. He later appears in Robo-Apocalypse 3: Fear of Children as a Robo-Resistance team member, who deceives them in his canonical ending where he is actually a Robo-Apocalypse member where he hacks into people's bodies, turning them into robots shortly after.


H4X is half H4X Human, half human. He is dons green hair, dark green shirt and blue jeans. His weapons are inside of his pocket from his blue jeans. They can even enlarge for smashing objects like rocks and his enemies. He can even break the fourth wall and grab some meme pictures and throw them at the opponents. Even he can grab comments from social media from breaking the fourth wall.


H4X shows no sympathy to anyone who is hurt, unless he is doing an adventure with them. He always takes things seriously for everything, so don't bother joking around with him. H4X is actually friendly to nearly everyone in his main series, in Robo-Apocalypse, his personality changes gradually.

Game appearances

H4X (game)

H4X is the main hero of the game, where he ventures through the Webtopia areas to find what he really is, when he thinks that he is actually 100% human. He has 6 days to find out before the whole Webtopia shuts down because of a deadly virus.

Robo-Apocalypse 3: Fear of Children

H4X is an unlockable character in R-A3:FoC. He was actually the one who saved Earth from Robo-Rampage and Dr. Mech-Brain. H4X usually attacks with his PC Keyboard and can do graceful and brutal attacks like grabbing opponent and hitting their chest by holding them with a binary code circle and kicking their chest rapidly. H4X's Super Strike move shows him uppercutting the opponent and throwing hate comments (mostly death threatening comments from YouTube and DeviantArt) at them. He finishes it off by blasting them with binary code energy blasts.




  • "H4X" actually means "HAX" which is another way of saying "HACKS", even though H4X IS a hacker.