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There's something you should get to know better. Your limits.

Guy (FI:Clash of Stars)
Guy SF×TK artwork
Full Name Guy
Gender Male
First Appearance Final Fight (1989)
Voice Actor(s)
Jason C.Miller (ENG)

Tsuguo Mogami (JPN)


Command Normals

Move Name Input
Low Kick

Special Moves

Move Name input
Bushin Goraisenpujin
Bushin Izuna Otoshi
Bushin Muso Renge (Lv.1)
Bushin Hasoken (Lv.2)
Bushin Gourai Kyaku (Lv.3)

How to Unlock

  • Beat the Arcade Mode with Joe Musashi,Ryu Hayabusa and Scorpion.


Guy SF×TK artwork Guy SF×TK artwork green  Guy SF×TK artwork green blue  Guy SF×TK artwork dark

Orange                         Green                             Blue                                    Dark*

  • Unlocked beating the game with Guy.


Super Street Fighter 4 Guy Theme Soundtrack HD03:08

Super Street Fighter 4 Guy Theme Soundtrack HD

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