Guru Aisu
Guru Aisu
A descendant of an Ancient Hero
Full Name Guru Aisu
Gender Male
Location Lillipup Town
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Ace Aisu (grandmother)
Main Weapon(s) Various Ice and Ghost Powers
First Appearance Faitingu: Origins
Latest Appearance Faitingu: Strengths
One thing is sure about those two devils: THEY ARE GOING DOWN!
Guru Aisu

Guru Aisu a Ice-Ghost type Ampharos, and the person who tries to make a serious moment funny. He is very smart, perhaps being the smartest there, and can figure out many problems. He is one of the main characters in the Faitingu series and always makes Lee laugh. Guru is able to use moves like Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, ect. and can use the moves Psychic and Poison Powder, due to being so smart.


Guru looks like any other Ampharos, except he is blue and has some purple and dark blue markings. His hands always have a blue light coming off them.

In the 2014 reboot, Guru's hands no longer glow blue, with the purple orb on his forehead glowing when he uses his powers. He also has two blue tattoos on his arms, which, according to him, all members of his family have. He is also missing his legs in this installment, which adds to his ghostly abilities. His colours have also been dulled in some sense, with the exception of his blue skin, which has been changed to be similar to Lee's old skin colour.

Game Appearances

Faitingu: Origins

Faitingu: Strengths

Fantendo Souls


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