Guppy the Shark
Guppy, the hero of the sea.
(As in Fantendo ObstaCourse)
Current Status Alive
Bucket the Shrimp, Click the Dolphin, Angel the Shark
First Appearance Guppy the Shark
Latest Appearance Guppy Returns

Guppy the Shark is the main character of the Guppy the Shark series. He lives in the ocean, but travels to many other places. He first appeared in Guppy the Shark.


Guppy is a large-hearted hero that has earned the respect of the sea. Well known around the universe, he never wants to hurt anything that's not evil. Because of this, he has many friends with special talents, that he has made on his numerous journies.


Guppy's standard attack is a spin (like Mario's underwater star spin), but other attacks are used, such as the bite. Guppy latches onto the object, and violently pulls on it, like a game of tug of war. Power-Ups are found frequently throughout his games, which upgrade Guppy's abilities.


Guppy has appeared in multiple titles, including:


Other Appearences