Guppy's Incredible 3D Arena is a spin-off of the Guppy series developed and published by Beanstalk Inc.. It will be released in late fall 2012 fo the Nintendo eShop, to celebrate the release of Guppy the Shark. A Wii U downloadable version is also confirmed for a Christmas release. It is the first Beanstalk Inc. game to feature collectable creatures as the main focus.



Guppy the Shark

The main playable character, Guppy hopes to bring an end to Blackfire's inventions by using his little creatures.

Angel the Shark

Nippy the Seahorse

Bucket the Shrimp

Click the Dolphin

Master Eel

Rip n' Roar


Robo Blackfire

Master Belch

How did Master Belch get under the sea? And how did he get his own creatures, that were exclusive to the fish Clik handed them out to? Only Master Eel will know.


Blackfire's company came out with little creatures under the brand of ScareFins. They are grouped into elements as well as three departments- ScareFins Classic, ScareFins Force, and ScareFins Max. They are comparable to All-Around, Strategy, and Strength.

ScareFins Classic

  • Rippletide: TBA, Free
  • Bones: A skeleton eel with electric power, 150 Sea Dollars

ScareFins Force

  • E-Light: An anglerfish-eel mix with a fiery light, 415 Sea Dollars

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