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Image Name Description
PistolGunmen Pistol The basic weapon has a max of 40 bullets in it and takes about 7 shots to kill a basic soldier.
Assault RifleGunmen Assault Rifle Another basic weapon. A fast shooting rifle that can hold 360 bullets in it. It takes about 3 rounds to kill a basic soldier.
ShotgunGunmen Shotgun A very strong gun that can kill a basic soldier with 1 shot up close, 2 medium distance, and 5 far away. It holds 16 bullets.
AK-47Gunmen AK-47 A stronger version of the Assault Rifle except it holds 520 bullets but it doesn't shoot as fast.
SniperGunmen Sniper Rifle A long range weapon that is the strongest weaopn in the game. 1 shot in the head or 2 shots anywhere else will kill a basic soldier. It holds 24 bullets.
Machine GunGunmen Machine Gun A fast shooting gun that can kill a basic soldier in 1 round. It can hold up to 680 bullets.
FlamethrowerGunmen Flamethrower Flamethrowers are big guns that shoot out flames, It holds 100 seconds of flames and can kill a basic soldier by flaming them with 4 seconds of flaming him.
E-13 Laser RifleGunmen Pint Rifle The Pint Rifle is an Assault Rifle that shoots ou pint sized bullets surrounded by a laser coating. This holds 850 bullets.

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