Gumm-Slash (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffle
Full Name Gumm-Slash
Current Age 22
Gender Male
Species Gummy Bear
Align Chaotic Neutral
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Licorice Hooks
First Appearance Kandy Shop

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Gumm-Slash is a vicious green gummy bear who is the mascot of the game, Kandy Shop who makes an appearance as one of the starter characters within the game.

He is notoriously known for his aggression towards others, his brutal attacks towards anyone, and his hand-crafted weaponry in which he wields in combat at all times.




Gumm-Slash usually rubs off his agression towards others in combat whether his targets are heroes, villains, and even his own kind. With that being said, he isn't really a hero or villain and he will sometimes team up with either side on certain occasions.

He is pretty determined to fight anyone who gets in his way and he hasn't really shown any other emotion other than, anger due to the brain brain damage he recieved in a attack a few years before.


Gumm-Slash's flesh-like gummy body is colored in a nice shade of green, with lighter shades on his teeth and his bodily gashes, and darker shades for his claws and inner ears.

He seems to sport a prison-like hat, with the color scheme oddly resembling a peppermint as well as the broken cuff attached to his left leg also resembling the candy. Finally, his Licorice Hooks appear to have a red/dark red blend to them due to being composed of red licorice while the hooks themselves, are composed of melted yellow and purple lollipops.




Kandy ShopEdit

Gumm-Slash makes his first ever debut as one of the first starter characters in Kandy Shop. As stated earlier, his main moves revolve around the usage of his Licorice Hooks, claws, teeth, and sheer anger. His claw attacks will be able to charge up in order to increase it's power and provide a decent knockback to anyone who goes near him.

His Licorice Hooks will be able to aid him in combat, examples of this being used can be, swinging the hooks together in a helicopter-like fashion in order to avoid a fall, being able to sweep over opponents in order to forcefully trip them, and being able to grab others and perform grab attacks on them.

Gumm's biting attacks are used to clamp onto others in a similar fashion to a beartrap which deals a more and more damage to anyone who is clamped by him unless he is knocked off by an attack. His anger is only used when he has a significant amount of damage dealed on him and it cannot be used if he doesn't have high damage. Despite lasting only a minute, his anger move increases his attack power in order to deal more damage to others with all of his moves.

His Candy Combo, Spin Slicer begins with Gumm jumping to the center of the stage spinning around rapidly until his spins allow him to float. He then lashes out his Licorice Hooks which will slash and deal damage to anyone who comes in contact with them. The move ends with Gumm snatching anyone who is grabbed by any of the hooks. Once snatched, Gumm would shoot up his hook in the air with a high probability of an opponent getting K.O'd. If the snatch move misses, the combo ends immediately.

Kandy Shop 2: Sweet Treat RevengeEdit


Kandy Shop 3: Sweet N Sour BoogalooEdit


Fantendo Smash Bros. FatalityEdit

Gumm-Slash makes an appearance as an unlockable fighter alongside Princess Peppermint, to represent Enigmatik's Kandy Shop in Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality created by company TimeStrike. He is unlocked by collecting 250 Data Cards from the game's various modes with his moveset remaining unchanged, as it is imported directly from Kandy Shop.





Fantendo Smash Bros. ChrysalisEdit







  • Gumm-Slash was originally named Rark but the name was changed due to it being non-punlike compared to the other characters.
  • Out of all the characters that were created for Kandy Shop, Gumm-Slash recieved the most redesigns alongside Fang and Princess Peppermint throughout the entire game.
    • In addition to his redesigns, Gumm-Slash's first concept was more short and chubby reflecting that of a real gummy bear. He also didn't wield his Licorice Hooks but rather relied on his claws for attacking. His limbs were also shorter and he didn't wear his red and white hat either.
  • Gumm-Slash is one of the most popular characters in the series who happens to be tied with Princess Peppermint in popularity.