Image Name Location
Mega Goomba model Mega Goomba World 1, Fortress
Fake Fire Flower Fake Fire Flower World 1, Castle
BOOM-BOOM -UNLOCkable player Boom Boom World 1, Airship
LarryKoopaSMQBW Larry Koopa World 1, Main
Army Hammer Bro.SMWWii Army Hammer Bro. World 2, Fortress
KingBooSME King Boo World 2, Castle
Boom Boom SMB3 Boom Boom (Spiked) World 2, Airship
Lemmy Koopa NSMBU Lemmy Koopa World 2, Main
249px-MetalSonicChannel Metal Sonic World 3, Fortress
Mecha Mario Mecha Mario World 3, Castle
435px-Eggman1 Dr. Eggman World 3, Airship
Bowser Jr NSMBU Bowser Jr. World 3, Main
Mummipokeyparty Mummipokey World 4, Fortress
Fryguy3D Fryguy World 4, Castle
ReznorNSMB2 Reznor World 4, Airship
Roykoopa Roy Koopa World 4, Main
250px-Petey Piranha Petey Piranha World 5, Fortress
DinoPiranha Dino Piranha World 5, Castle
Fiery Petey Piranha Artwork Fiery Petey Piranha World 5, Airship
MortonNSMBU Morton Koopa Jr. World 5, Main
BlizFlake BlizzFlake World 6, Fortress
Chiefchilly Chief Chilly World 6, Castle
576px-Ice Boom Boom Boom(Ice) World 6, Airship
WendyNSMBU Wendy O. Koopa World 6, Main
Infernoboo Mega Inferno Boo World 7, Fortress
Baron Brrn Baron Brrn World 7, Castle
IggyNSMBU Iggy Koopa World 7, Airship
SM3DL False Bowser False Bowser #1 World 7, Main
ASRT SHADOW Shadow the Hedgehog World 8, Fortress
Super Shadow
Super Shadow World 8, Castle
Thunder reznor Thunder Reznor World 8, Airship
LudwigNSMBU Ludwig von Koopa World 8, Main
Baron Stone Baron Stone World 9, Fortress
Major Burrows Major Burrows World 9, Castle
Gold Boom Boom Boom Boom(Gold) World 9, Airship
RisenKoopaSMF Risen Koopa World 9, Main
Burningwaddlewing Burning Waddlewing World 10, Fortress
Ice Major Burrows Ice Major Burrows World 10, Castle
False Bowser 2 False Bowser #2 World 10, Airship
Darkey Koopa elekrtic Darkey Koopa World 10, Main
Chaos Chaos World 11, Fortress
Mephiles the Dark Mephiles the Dark World 11, Castle
DryBowserSMKAS Dry Bowser World 11, Airship
192px-SilverStance Silver the Hedgehog World 11, Main
BowserJr.SMB64 Bowser Jr. (Second time in game) World 12, Fortress
SM3DL False Bowser False Bowser #3 World 12, Castle
DarkBoomBoom Dark Boom Boom World 12, Airship
478px-Nsmb2 bowser The REAL Bowser! World 12, Main
Bowser Smash Ultra Bowser FINAL BOSS

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