Is exclusive game for The Future Nintendo.


  • Career
  • Team-Career
  • Free-Game
  • Mutiplayer
    • Free-Game
    • Mirror-Game
    • Battle
  • Online



  1. Axel Steel
  2. Johnny Napalm
  3. Judy Nails
  4. Izzy Sparks
  5. Pandora


  1. Slash (1000 points)
  2. Crystal Devil (1000 points)


Rock Arena

  1. Sweet Child O' Mine-Guns N' Roses
  2. Betterman-Pearl Jam
  3. You're The Best Around -Joe Esposito
  4. Another One Bites the Dust-Queen
  5. Iron Man-Black Sabbath

Gates of Rock

  1. Shoot to Thrill -AC/DC
  2. My Friend of Misery-Metallica
  3. Break on Through (To the Other Side)-The Doors
  4. Blitzkrieg Bop (Hey Ho,Lets's Go!)-Ramones
  5. Theme For An Imaginary Western -Mountain

The City Showdown

  1.  All of My Love-Led Zeppelin
  2. Hey You-Pink Floyd
  3. Comes as you are -Nirvana
  4. Footloose-Kenny Loggins
  5. Boss 1-Crystal Devil :Chop Suey-System of Down

Moon Valley

  1. Highway to Hell-AC/DC
  2. Rock and Roll All Nite-Kiss
  3. War Pigs-Black Sabbath

More Coming soon...

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