Guitar Hero: Smash! is a crossover between Guitar Hero and the Mario games. There are cameos by multiple GH stars and real-life rockers including Joe Perry and Hayley Williams.

(BTW, there is a hint of violence and mild profanity in this fan fic, so, reader discretion is advised. P.S. You can edit this if you want, BUT DON'T ERASE IT!)

Chapter 1

"Dear Mario,

I'll be waiting for you at the Backyard Bash concert. There's something I want to give you.

Love, Peach"

Mario is at home looking through this letter as Jimi Hendrix and Aerosmith blare through the radio. Mario smiles after reading through it and sets off. All of a sudden, he hears a high-pitch scream coming from the concert. In shock, he notices a massive floating airship and rushes to the concert thinking one thing, "Bowser's up to no good again! I'm gonna take down that s*** if it's the last thing I do!"

Chapter 2

Turns out, Mario was right. The whole crowd of Toads fled in terror as the airship loomed overneath. "PEACH!!!!!!", a massive voice bellowed from the ship. "Are you ready to rock?" All of a sudden, Joe Perry (of Aerosmith) leaps off the stage and attacks the army of Koopas that crash onto the floor from above. Soon, however, he was overwhelmed. He looks at Mario and yells "Let's do this!" The two set the Koopas aflame and Joe Perry kills them with his vicious power chords. But then, it was too late. Bowser already escaped with Peach, who is screaming for Mario.

Chapter 3

Mario looks at Joe Perry and they grasp hands as they run after the giant aircraft. They have formed alliences and then out of nowhere, a massive thug crashed towards the ground and caused Mario and his rocker sidekick to knocked to their feet by the resulting earthquake. Mario looks at the thug and gasps "Who- WHO ARE YOU?" The thug grins and yells "Matty Kantz! Drummer for the Deth Koopas! Now die!" Joe Perry then yells, "I DON'T THINK SO, PUNK!" and stomps at him. Matty is overwhelmed by Joe Perry's strength. Perry then yells "Mario! Hit him with some fireballs!" Mario then responds "Can do!" and opens fire. Matty is soon defeated and Joe asks Matty "Now, where is Bowser going?" Matty then yelps in defeat "Alright! I'll talk! I'll talk! He's going for the Orpheum!"

More to come!

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