This a list of Guardians in Guardians of Harmony: Unity. If an attack has no turn countdown, that means the attack doesn't have a cooldown.

Mane Six

Name Attacks Awakened Skill Type Stat Inflation (max: 5)
Twilight Sparkle
  • Tackle
  • Magic Laser (2 turns)
  • Magic Shield (2 turns)
Magic Guardian Defense
  • HP: 5
  • MDEF: 4
  • PDEF: 4
  • PATK: 3
  • MATK: 3
Pinkie Pie
  • Tackle
  • Cheer (2 turns healing)
  • Giggle (Raises everyone's attack by 25%)
Laughter Guardian Support
  • HP: 5
  • MDEF: 3
  • PDEF: 3
  • PATK: 3
  • MATK: 3
  • Tackle
  • Lasso (2 turns)
  • Charge (raises own attack by 75% for 2 turns)
Honesty Guardian Attack
  • HP: 5
  • MDEF: 2
  • PDEF: 4
  • PATK: 5
  • MATK: 2
  • Tackle
Kindess Guardian Universal
  • Tackle
Generosity Guardian Magic
Rainbow Dash
  • Tackle
Loyalty Guardian Swiftstrike

Royal Sisters

Name Attacks Awakened Type Stat Inflation
Princess Celestia Lux Dreamcatcher Support
Princess Luna Umbra Shadow Magic

Equestria's Royalty

This represents the major royalty from Equestria.

Name Attacks Awakened Type Stat Inflation
Shining Armor Canterlot Hero Armor Defense
Princess Cadance Canterlot Heroine Cadance Support
Princess Amore Crystal Halcyon Amore Magic

Equestria's Resistance

This represents the common ponies of Ponyville, Canterlot, and the Crystal Empire. Range from common Guardians to rare Guardians.

Name Attacks Awakened Type Stat Inflation

The Dark Side

Represents the antagonists from the Friendship is Magic show and Equestria Girls.

Name Attacks Awakened Type Stat Inflation
Queen Chrysalis Crystal Guardian Chrysalis Support
Trixie Magicbringer Trixie Magic
Discord Harmony Legend Discord Attack
Sunset Shimmer Daydream Shimmer Universal
Mane-iac Diablolic Mane-iac Magic
Lord Tirek Astaroth Guardian Tirek Defense
Gloriosa Daisy Terra Ardent Gloriosa Attack

Animals of Equestria

This represents the animals from Equestria. They are usually common Guardians. (TBA)

Mock Guardians

Guardians based off NPCs. These cannot be summoned and must be obtained from completing a certain quest.

Name Attacks Awakened Type How to Get? Stat Inflation
Spike Dragon Legend Spike Attack Complete Spike's key quest "Where Dragons Fear to Tread
Sci-Twi Midnight Sparkle Magic Complete Twilight's key quest "Two Twilights in the Fight"
Starswirl Loremaster Star Swirl Universal Complete Demon Core's final quest "Cosmos's Last Stand"


Guardians that do not belong in any category. These are Guardians that aren't canon to the plot or weren't in the Friendship is Magic universe. These cannot be summoned and must be obtained from various ways.

Name Attacks Awakened Type How to Get? Stat Inflation
Queen Faust Galactic Empress Faust Support Complete the Temple of Faust (event dungeon that was released on Lauren Faust's birthday in honor for making FiM)

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