Gryllo Vikings
Gryllo Vikings
The despicable viking clan
Full Name Gryllo Vikings
Current Age Various
Gender Male and Female
Species Grylloblattodea's
Current Status Active
Class Enemies
Main Weapon(s) Swords, Axes, Fists
First Appearance Tak-Zac Bug Gladiator (2015)
Gryllo (AKA Grylloblattodea) Vikings are the Main Enemies in Tak-Zac Bug Gladiator. They are a tribe of vikings who kidnapped Tak, Zac, Chomper, Tessie and Professor Antstein to compete in death arenas and fight animal warriors. They are led by King Oblatt.

The Gryllo's replace the Cockroaches in the previous game.


For some yet to be revealed reason, the Gryllo's abducted Tak and his friends to make them fight to the death in many gladiator challenges on the Gryllo's Viking Ship for their tribe's amusement. They also try to fight Tak themselves with either swords, fists or axes.