Grubber, commander of the SSSSS
Full Name Grubber
Gender Male
Species Mutated mucus
Location Planet Xoon
Current Status Active
Class Antagonist
Family and Relations
Grounder (best friend)

The SSFF (enemies)

First Appearance Skip and Sqak 2 (1996)

Grubber is one of the members of the SSSSS in Skip and Sqak 2. He is a green creature that is actually Professor X2's booger brought to life. He is the second member accepted to the SSSSS, behind Dr. Sakerine. He is also best friends with Grounder.

Skip and Sqak 2

Grubber is the commander of the SSSSS along with his best friend Grounder. While the other henchman go to fight the SSFF, Grubber and Grounder beg X2 to join them but he refuses because they're "Idiots".

Later, Grubber and Grounder finally have a chance to fight the gang but they both get defeated and soon Grubber and his other goons went to prison with their boss.

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