Groydoc's concept art.
Current Age 9
Date of Birth 05/26/2002
Gender Female
Location Yoshi Island
Current Status Alive
Class Dinosaur
Zasguar Inc
Main Weapon(s) flight and beak
First Appearance Garydoc
Latest Appearance Yoshi-R

Groydoc is a small, friendly and famous Groydoc. He helps Yoshi out sometimes. He makes a first debut in Garydoc.



An evil has ruined the 20 worlds of Kiren. Princess Tara has tried to defeat the evil, only to be taken by the worse evil who defeated it, Moester. He has sealed all good in 98 diffrent shards. A handful of Yoshi's , Groydoc's, and Baby Mario's friends are the only ones to defeat Moester.


He loves to do pranks and all sorts of other traps. But he despises evil and will do anything to stop it, even sacrifice. He loves Toads and wears a hat similar to Toads some times. He loves to fly and is well on ground anyways. Their arch rival Trito (A triceratops but smaller heads and bodies and have some horns) are good on ground and are pretty fast. They seem to not get along.